Pastor & Wife Gift Plaque

An impressive gift idea for pastor and pastor's wife. This pastor & wife tribute is a unique way to honor your pastor and first lady. You may personalize with a unique Pastor's Wife Poem or Bible verses.

Pastor Appreciation Cross Plaques

Rejoice with the pastor, teacher, minister, or church leader in celebrating their accomplishments! This beautiful crystal cross plaque is a unique gift choice recognizing your devoted pastors!

Trinity Appreciation Plaque

Let the light of your faith shine. The radiant cross reflects throughout the crystal giving it a spiritual effect. This Trinity Appreciation Plaque can be personalized for a range of pastoral appreciation occasions.

Pastor Anniversary Tribute

Resembling the shape of a bible, this Crystal Book is a special tribute to pastors on their anniversary. Show your gratitude to your pastor during pastor anniversary celebration with this personal gift plaque.

Thank You Pastor Gift

With "Thank You Pastor" highlighted in Gold, it makes a unique appreciation gift for pastors by the church family. Let's praise and thank the man or woman of God who serves as the shepherd of the Lord's house.

Pastor Wife Appreciation Plaque

Honor and encourage pastors' wives with this amazing Appreciation Plaque. Pay tribute to your pastor's wife for hard work and dedication behind the scene.

Pastor Installation Gift

The Pastor Installation is a joyous occasion that the Lord has blessed. This Crystal Cathedral is a wonderful installation gift to the Pastor-Elect, a beautiful keepsake to commemorate this special day in his pastoral career.

Priest Ordination Gift

Ordination gift honors Bishop, Priest, Deacon and Pastor being ordained into ministry. Featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, our ordination gifts convey a reverent, heartfelt appreciation for the ordinand.

Pastor Anniversary Gift

Bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable, this Crystal Sunflower is a warm and caring anniversary gift for bishops, priests, pastors and deacons. It also works well as a birthday gift for priests, ministers and the clergy.

Pastor Appreciation Gift

A perfect gift for Pastor Appreciation Month! Celebrate and honor your pastors with this unique Christian gift plaque. The praying hands on top symbolizes the pastor's commitment to the people he shepherds.
Pinnacle Award 7" $109.99 $87.99
Pinnacle Award 8.5" $119.99 $95.99
Pinnacle Award 10" $129.99 $103.99

Star Priest Appreciation Plaque

With the shining cross that adorns the star, this Shining Star Plaque is a terrific gift idea with a priest theme. This priest gift recognizes your priests for outstanding leadership and service to the community.

Ordination Anniversary Gift

Rejoice with those celebrating the anniversary of their ordination. Crystal Globe Tower is a great appreciation gift idea to express appreciation to your pastors for their hard work and dedication over the years.

Retirement Gift for Pastors/Priests

Evoking a forward motion, the sailboat is a unique gift idea for retiring pastors and priests, celebrating dedicated pastoral service, and offering "good luck and best wishes" to the retired pastors.