Service Award Phrasing Ideas, Quotes & Sayings

Years of Service Award is one of the most important corporate award recognition programs to recognize the loyal employees for their contributions and commitments. Are you looking for a lasting symbol of celebration for that important milestone years of service? Our crystal long service award plaques, engraved with personalized service award wording ideas - an inspirational quote, a line of poetry, or a personally crafted note, is a true memento that will stand the test of time.

Below are some examples of employee years of service award wording ideas. These heartwarming and inspirational service award messages and quotes will surely make the service recognition awards personal and unforgettable.

Sample Years of Service Award Quote

Recipient Name: Our Dedicated Employee
Service Award Quote: If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. - Nora Roberts

Inspirational service award quote to reward loyalty and encourage going above and beyond. The flame award plaque is used to symbolize passion and dedication of the employee.

5 Year Service Award Wording Idea

Award Title:  5th Year Work Anniversary AWARD
Recipient Name: Employee Achieving 5 Years Service Milestone
Award Message: Celebrating Fifth Year Anniversary 
In sincere appreciation of dedicated service to
your customers and to our Company

Heartfelt work anniversary message and wishes to honor the employee who has dedicated 5 years of services to the company’s success

10 Years of Service Award Wording

Award Title: 10 Years Service Award (2005-2015)
Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Award Message:
Our success is directly attributed to the support and contributions of our team members like yourself. Thank You! You make the difference! 

Honoring a decade of loyal service with this stunning Years of Service Award Tower customized with personalized years of service quotes and messages, company information, names and dates

15 Year Service Award Wording Idea

Award Title: 15 Years Anniversary
Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 15 Years Work Anniversary
Award Message: Awarded in grateful recognition to a loyal employee. For your fifteen years of dedicated service helping to implement company goals while improving the lives of our employees & customers

Say congratulations to 15 years of dedicated service with this heartfelt personalized service award wording, or any other years of service quotation

20 Year Service Award Wording and Quotes

Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 20 Years Work Anniversary
Award Message: In Honor of Your Service
Retired with distinction from Gilead Sciences
after 20 years of excellence
Award Quote: After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.

Reward 20 years of excellence with the Star Award Plaque, engraved with a personal service plaque wording and a popular quotation

25 Years of Service Quotes and Award Wording

Recipient Name: A Loyal Employee with 25 Years of Service
Award Message:

In recognition for 25 years of  your commitment and dedication to our pharmacy department at Austin Presbyterian Medical Center.

We will be forever grateful for your inspiring motivation, your shared insights and your gentle guidance.

Award Quote: A time to look back with admiration... A time to look forward with anticipation.

A true heart-warming service award message and a well-chosen service award quote to recognize 25 years of continuous loyalty and dedication

30 Years of Service Award Plaque Wording

Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 30 Years Service Anniversary
Award Message: Thank you for your many valuable contributions over the past thirty years. Your loyal and dedicated service played an integral role in our success.

A true memento with personalized award wording to honor a milestone work anniversary such as three decades of commitment to a single work place

Long Service Award Wording Quote

Award Quote: Living Our Values, Delivering Our Promise, Celebrating Our Success
Recipient Name:  Our Loyal Employee
Award Message:  In Appreciation of Your Loyal and Distinguished Service

An elegantly designed long service award plaque engraved with corporate mottos and appreciation message is a great way to reward loyalty and commitment

Sample Wording for Long Service Award Certificate

Award Title: Long Service Certificate of Recognition
Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 10 Years of Service
Award Message: In Recognition of Your Years of Commitment and Dedication to Our Organization!
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation
by presenting you with this plaque to commemorate a milestone in your career.
Long Service Award Quote: YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.

Sample Long Service Award wording idea to recognize years of commitment and dedication and make this milestone work anniversary special and memorable