Employee Recognition Award Plaque Wording Examples, Phrases, & Quote Ideas

Applaud and commemorate employees by learning the language of appreciation. Wondering what words to use to express your gratitude? At DIY Awards, we offer wording for employee ideas as well as entirely customizable crystal awards to help you make a lasting, meaningful impression.

Employee Recognition Award Plaque Wording Examples, Phrases, & Quote Ideas

At DIY Awards, we offer crystal glass awards unparalleled in the industry. It's an important responsibility when you must acknowledge an employee's exceptional service, leadership abilities or retirement. Besides appreciating staff, we encourage companies to motivate employees to continue their contributions. Every year, we produce hundreds of thousands of awards to recognize individuals who go above and beyond their regular duties, act with integrity and honesty, generate excellent creative ideas, promote teamwork within their workplaces and contribute exceptional innovation, time, commitment and effort.

When brainstorming how and why to commemorate a fellow employee, it's useful to consider whether you want a plaque to display the company name, any nicknames (if these were used more than the individual's given name), what skill or accomplishment you are measuring and how you'll present the award when the time comes. Company parties, gift ceremonies or other formalities may help you extend heartfelt gratitude along with any crystal plaque award.

At DIY Awards, we recognize the power of words, phrases and quotes in conveying a sincere message that will be treasured for years to come. Are you looking for some powerful quotes or inspiring wording ideas? We offer pre-designed crystal glass awards with deeply engraved wording options. Or, if you have a specific design in mind, you can turn to our online customization tool to create a uniquely personal award with your favorite fonts, colors, logos or emblems.

See our examples of awards below.

Employee of the Year Award Wording Idea

Recipient Name: Member Made Exemplary Contributions
Award Message: In recognition of your outstanding performance,
superior dedication and positive attitude
on the job throughout the past year.

With Heartfelt Appreciation From
The Board of Directors & Staff
This exquisite flame-shaped award plaque is a perfect gift to celebrate and recognize the exceptional achievements of the Employee of the Year. It will encourage a positive work environment, boost morale among the entire team and inspire others to strive for excellence.

Employee Recognition Plaque Wording Idea

Award Name: Employee of the Month
Award Recipient: An Outstanding Employee
Award Message Example: Congratulations
on a job well done!
A congratulation on a job well done is a simple but powerful way to show your employees your appreciation for their hard work. The gold medal that embellishes the face of the plaque makes this plaque a perfect employee recognition award idea

Sample Employee Achievement Award Wording idea

Award Name: Exceptional Achievement Award
Award Recipient: An Exceptional Employee
Award Wording Example: Making a difference
in the success of
Campbell and its employees
Inspire your employees to continue doing great work by recognizing their outstanding achievements

Sample President/Chairman Award Wording Idea

Award Name: Chairman's Club Award
Presented to: Chairman's Award Winner
Sample Award Wording: For Your Extraordinary
Achievement and
A unique designed president’s award plaque engraved with personally crafted recognition award wording is a great way to say thank you to your dedicated employees who truly stand out

Lifetime Achievement Award Wording Idea

Award Name: Lifetime Achievement Award
Honoring: An Honorable Doctor
Award Wording Example: In Recognition of Your
Extraordinary Contributions
to Orthopaedics.

$10,000 Dollars is being
donated in your name to the
AOA Research Fund.
A lifetime award is dedicated to recipients who have dedicated their lives to a worthy cause. Consider why the honoree is receiving the award when writing the lifetime achievement award wordings

Sample Award of Excellence Wording Idea

Award Name:  Award of Excellence
Award Recipient: An Outstanding Employee
Sample Award Wording & Quote: In appreciation for your leadership
and helping us achieve our goals.

Your wisdom and compassion have
been a solid block in our foundation.
A true heartwarming award message to recognize the excellence and inspire continuous leadership

Wording Ideas for Recognition Awards

Award Name: Star Performer Award
Award Recipient: An Outstanding Employee
Sample Award Message: In Recognition of Your
Outstanding Performance
and Dedicated Service
Reward your star performers with the Star Award Plaque. There is plenty of room to engrave a personal recognition plaque wording or a popular quotation.

Wording Ideas for Above and Beyond Award


Award Name: Award of Excellence
Presented to: An Outstanding Employee
Excellence Award Sample Message and Template: Going far beyond the call of duty,
doing more than others expect.

This is what excellence is all about.

It comes from striving, maintaining the
highest standards, looking after the
smallest detail, and going the extra mile.

Excellence means doing your very best.
In everything, in every way.
Looking for good recognition plaque wording? This award message is perfect to recognize employees who go above and beyond their normal duties

Rookie of the Year Award Wording Idea

Award Name: Rookie of the Year Award
Award Recipient: An Outstanding New Employee
Sample Award Wording Idea: In Recognition of
Outstanding Achievements
& Contributions to the Team
Sample recognition plaque wording idea to recognize the newcomer who is off to a great start.

Customer Service Award Sample Wording Idea

Award Name: Customer Service Leader of the Year
Award Recipient: An Outstanding Leader in Customer Service
Sample Award Wording Ideas: For being fully committed to meeting our customers’ needs with proactive communication, prompt follow-through, attentiveness, respect and a critical understanding of customer concerns.

We recognize Tim for his steadfast commitment to setting the standard for valuable and outstanding customer service during the year 2016.
A well-written customer service award wording to reward job commitment and superior customer service

Custom Corporate Recognition Awards & Plaques

Custom Corporate Recognition Awards & Plaques

When a person or team achieves outstanding results, a beautifully made employee recognition award plaque engraved with personalized wording sends a big thank you for all the hard work. An elegant designed and high quality award plaque not only delivers the message of gratitude, but gives the recipient a memento that will keep him or her motivated.

There are many types of employee recognition awards — Achievement Awards for outstanding results; Awards of Excellence for going above and beyond; Years of Services Award for loyalty and dedication; Leadership Awards for exemplary leadership and continuous success; Partnership Awards for teamwork and collaborations. It is important to think about each person's contributions and recognize the unique contribution they bring to the company. Appropriate employee recognition categories and well-chosen employee recognition award wordings will make the employees feel truly appreciated.

Featured above is a list of employee recognition award plaque wording ideas that may assist you in coming up with the perfect award messages. Choose from these employee recognition wording ideas, or use them as a starting point to write your own recognition messages to reward the top-notch performance in the workplace.

Feel free to browse our employee crystal award options with pre-designed wording ideas. Or, customize your own plaque with memorable acknowledgments, colorfill designs and unique company names. Contact us today or call us at 1-800-810-1216, and our representatives will answer right away. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and usually answer on or before the second ring.

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