Custom Crystal Plaques for Army Members & Veterans

When you're looking for the best gift to show a soldier how much their service means, a personalized army award plaque is exactly the gesture to make a difference. Offering a heartfelt inscription, beautiful design and rewarding sentiment, a custom award is something they can cherish forever.

Featured Award Plaques

#323 Thank You Soldier! Plaque

Thank You Soldier! Plaque

$149.99 - $309.99
Every solider deserves a special thanks and sense of appreciation. Express your gratitude towards a special soldier with this breathtaking crystal army plaque that they'll cherish for years to come. It is a perfect gift choice for Soldiers and Family Appreciation Day, Army Spouse Appreciation Day, etc.
#321 Army Service Plaque

Flag Army Service AwardPlaque

$149.99 - $309.99
Any individual who has served time in the army is no stranger to qualities such as patriotism, gratitude, and strength. This plaque perfectly represents all of these qualities — and more. The Army Service Award offers us an opportunity to express our pride and show our gratitude to our Army service members. Purchase it on our site today!
#322 Army Shield Plaque

Army Shield Recognition Plaque

$139.99 - $259.99
Purchase the solider in your life a thoughtful gift that brilliantly highlights their honor and achievements that they've proudly accomplished throughout their years spent serving the country.This elegant shield plaque is back-etched with the stars & stripes of the American Flag. This Army Shield Plaque recognizes outstanding achievements by a fellow soldier or team from the US Army.
#320 Army Appreciation Plaque

Am Flag Army Appreciation Plaque

$149.99 - $309.99
With a beautiful blowing flag design, the Army Appreciation Plaque is the perfect way to commemorate a soldier's time in the army. Be sure to engrave this gift with a unique quote or saying that'll take it up a notch! Customized with your battalion/brigade logo, this crystal plaques make a terrific soldiers gift to honor their dedication, commitment and sacrifice.
#324 Army Achievement Award
Express your gratitude to an outstanding soldier by purchasing this award which features stars and stripes engraved on a beautiful plaque. This army plaque is perfect for honoring patriots and army veterans for a lifetime of achievement, commitment and sacrifices.
#319 Army Prayer Plaque
Take your gift to the next level with our Army Prayer Plaque, which features a "A Soldier's Prayer" poem inscribed on the back to express your personal thanks to your gift recipient. You may customize the front with your individualized messages. It is a unique way to let that soldier know you are thinking about them.
#326 Army Retirement Gift

Salboat Army Retirement Gift Plaque

$169.99 - $309.99
What better way to honor the end of an individual's military career than with a gift that celebrates their retirement? This present does just that with the option for a personalized message that adds to its sentiment. The unique sailboat design symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter of the retiree's life. This Army Retirement Gift offers a great way to say "Best Wishes" to the retiring officer.
#325 Army Retirement Plaque

Flag Army Retirement Plaque

$149.99 - $309.99
Honor the achievements and duty of a retiring army personnel with a plaque that they can proudly display in any room of their house. With the retiree's service records proudly presented, this Army Retirement Plaque is a great retirement gift for soldiers and Army Officers, to honor and thank them for their service, commitment and sacrifice to our country.

Recognize a Superior Soldier With a Crystal Army Plaque From DIY Awards

Are you looking for a heartfelt way to show your love, appreciation or admiration for a special soldier in your life? From training to traveling overseas and serving on duty, American soldiers work tirelessly and make constant sacrifices for their country. Whether you have a friend, family member, spouse or community member in the service, soldiers deserve to be appreciated and commended for what they do.

At DIY Awards, we offer a wide array of army plaques and awards for the soldiers in your family and you community. Crafted with the finest 100% optical crystal, they offer incredible quality, deeply engraved etchings and long-lasting sentimentality. With our unique online customization tool, you can make a custom crystal army plaque entirely your own. Include the soldier's name, a personal inscription, an insignia, and whatever else suits your recipient in the font and design you choose.

Need some inspiration? Call or email our customer service team for help anytime. We offer friendly assistance, a unique personalization and unmatched award quality — plus, we'll have your plaque to you within three days when you choose rush shipping.

Make that soldier's day by ordering a personalized army award plaque from DIY Awards today.

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