Personalized Crystal Firefighter Recognition Plaques

Courageous, selfless and heroic — those words and so many others perfectly describe firefighters.

From childhood on, many people learn to look up to the men and women who fight danger daily and risk their lives so others can be safe. Honor the firefighters you know by presenting them with crystal firefighter recognition plaques.

We custom-make every one of our firefighter trophies after we receive your order. Buy one or dozens, depending on your needs and the occasion. If you require your shipment quickly, choose express shipping when you check out.

Featured Award Plaques

Honor an act of valor and heroism with this beautiful Crystal Flame Firefighter Valor Award. Resembling the shape of the flame, this Firefighter Valor Award Plaque is perfect to recognize the dedication to the duty displayed in saving a human life.

Firefighter Life Saving Valor Award

$139.99 - $259.99
Firefighter Life Saving Valor Award recognizes acts of courage to rescue a victim and ensure both civilian and firefighter safety. With stars and stripes etched on the back, this Crystal Shield plaque is perfect for any firefighter recognition award.

Firefighter of the Year Award Plaque

$129.99 - $219.99
The Firefighter of the Year Award is normally presented annually to honor a firefighter for his or her expert training, professional service and contributions to the fire service. This crystal flame firefighter plaque is a true token of appreciation.
With the milestone years proudly displayed, this Firefighter Years of Service Award Plaque is a unique gift to recognize a firefighter for years of dedication. A gift that will be treasured by the firefighter for years to come!
#697 Firefighter Achievement Award Plaque

Flame Firefighter Recognition Award

$149.99 - $219.99
Honor the volunteer firefighter for the remarkable achievements in the fire service and exemplify contribution to the community with our Volunteer Firefighter Achievement Award. This flame-shaped crystal award plaque is perfect to inspire excellence.

Star Firefighter Recognition Plaque

$189.99 - $299.99
Recognize the volunteer or career firefighters who are being acknowledged for courage, commitment or long services with this Crystal Star Firefighter Recognition Award. Say thank you to the fireman who put their own lives at risk to protect yours.
Firefighter Excellence Awards are awarded to a Fire Department member who has performed outstanding service to the Department or to the public safety of the community. Honor bravery & dedication with this stunning Firefighter Excellence Award plaque.

Heartfelt and Personalized Firefighter Recognition Plaques

One of the benefits of working with DIY Awards for your firefighter recognition merchandise is that you can tailor-make every product. Our site is set up to make customization easy, even if you are unfamiliar with design technology.

After choosing the plaque shape you like best, such as a star, tower or flame, you can determine what message you want to add to your award. Messages are deeply etched into the crystal material and can be as extensive or short as you want for your purpose and the size of the award.

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to get started? Other DIY Awards customers have added the following items to their firefighter recognition plaques:

  • The entire firefighter's prayer or a snippet of it
  • An inspiring message or poem
  • A famous saying or quotation
  • A sincere, highly directed thank-you note
  • A description of why the award is being given

Feel free to upload a logo to accompany your content. Using our simple interface, you can quickly maneuver your text and images to wherever you want them to end up on the finished product.

It has never been easier to customize a high-quality recognition award. Discover why so many DIY Awards customers come back every time they want to honor someone in their personal or work lives.

Try Colorfill to Enhance Your Firefighter Recognition Plaque

Like every optical crystal item we offer, our firefighter recognition crystal award stands brilliantly on its own. However, you may want to add colorfill to your trophy for a minimal fee. The colorfill process involves meticulously hand-painting bits of color into all the etched areas on your award. This brings out all the engraved parts, giving letters and logos added dimension and emphasis.

To see what colorfill looks like on an actual plaque, choose the “?” next to the colorfill option. 

Contact Our Customer Service Team for Answers

Do you have questions about your firefighter recognition plaque? Our team of experts welcomes the chance to help you make the right decisions. Give us a call at (800) 810-1216, and we will ensure you get a professional-looking crystal award that exceeds your expectations and wows recipients.

Purchase a personalized firefighter recognition plaque today. If you need awards and trophies for other occasions and people, take a few minutes to explore our entire online store. You may be inspired to design plaques for many different individuals who deserve some appreciation. 

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