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Law Enforcement Gift Plaque

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This unique law enforcement appreciation gift plaque is created in honor of the role of law enforcement as the first line of defense against threats to their communities and our homeland. Thank you for keeping our communities safe!

Federal Law Enforcement Award Plaque

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This noble Federal Law Enforcement Award Plaque is an excellent recognition choice for exemplary law enforcement officers. It could also be personalized as recognition or retirement plaque for any federal employees.

Law Enforcement Shield Plaque

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Honor law enforcement officers and agents who go above and beyond the call of duty with this personalized law enforcement officer recognition plaque. Hand cut into the shape of a shield, this plaque has the definite "wow!" factor.

Commemorative Retirement Award

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Whether you are looking to recognize a retired law enforcement officer at a ceremony or given an individual gift for his mentorship, this Wedge Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Gift conveys appreciation, honor and respect for their commitment to serve.

Law Enforcement Retirement Plaque

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This magnificent plaque is a perfect retirement gift for Law Enforcement Officers. Old Glory is etched on top for a touch of patriotism. Service records are proudly displayed to mark the end of a distinguished career.

Sailboat Law Enforcement Retirement Gift

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Custom retirement congratulations and best wishes gift for the law enforcement officer who is retiring from active duty service. The sail billows with breeze and whispers: smooth sailing into retirement!!

Law Enforcement Oath Plaque

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Featuring the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor in the center shield, this personalized oath plaque is a perfect graduation gift to congratulate any law enforcement officers at the beginning of their career.

Officer Commendation Award Plaque

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This commendation award recognizes law enforcement officers and Law Enforcement Agency employees for years of faithful service with integrity, bravery and honor to the community and law. Thank you officer for going above and beyond!

DIY Awards offers a variety of custom law enforcement plaque and award options! Express your gratitude for someone who has served their community with a personalized law enforcement appreciation gift. 

The term Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) refers to the government agencies responsible for ensuring laws are enforced. While some of them are called police, others are called sheriffs, constables and Marshals. Outside of the US, such organizations are part of police services.

Sheriffs are County Police Officers who provide basic police and investigatory services for unincorporated areas, or cities that contract for services who don’t have their own police forces.

U.S. Marshals are usually judicial positions. Marshals provide security to Federal Courts, apprehend fugitives and transport federal prisoners. City Marshals provide similar services for city courts.

Constable is a term used primarily in Texas. They are county police who serve legal processes for the courts. They may also contract with other Government Agencies such as school districts, parks and county buildings to provide police services.

Police Officer is a basic term for Law Enforcement Officers. They provide basic police services for cities, universities, airports, and any type of governmental organization.

An agent is usually an investigatory/ detective position with a State or Federal agency that provides special or specific enforcement services. Examples are: FBI, DEA, State Attorney General’s Office and the Dept. of Corrections.

We invite you to browse our custom law enforcement plaques and awards. We have something for everyone, so you’re sure to create a personalized law enforcement appreciation gift that will be valued for years to come.