Custom Police Academy Graduation Award Plaques

Say congratulations to the police academy graduate of your life with our personalized police and sheriff graduation gift plaques. Whether your loved one serves as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, they possess a rare bravery and enviable commitment. So when the academy wraps up and you’re looking for personalized police graduation gifts, remember to lead with the heart when selecting one.

Featured Award Plaques

Sale #586 Police Graduation Gift Plaque

Circle Police Graduation Gift Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
When the milestone of police graduation draws near, consider marking the occasion with a gift that’s a symbol of achievement. This Police Graduation Gift Plaque is ideal for police academy graduation quotes and any other personal details you choose.
#484 Police Graduation Prayer Gift Plaque

Police Graduation Prayer Gift Plaque

$149.99 - $199.99
Celebrate your loved one's graduation from Police Academy with this unique gift! This personalized Police Graduation Prayer Gift Plaque is a wonderful graduation gift for new officers as they enter the police force.
#587 Shield Police Graduation Plaque

Shield Police Graduation Plaque

$139.99 - $259.99
A symbol of all that is strong and good, the Shield Police Graduation Plaque is the perfect token of appreciation for your upcoming academy graduate. It can be easily adapted as an NYPD, LAPD or any other police academy graduation plaque.
#588 Police Academy Graduation Plaque
This customized Police Academy Graduation Plaque with free deep etch engraving is the perfect gift for celebrating commencement. The blend of black crystal and 100 percent optical crystal is hard to pass up in the Police Academy Graduation Plaque.
#778 Personalized Crystal Police Academy Instructor Appreciation Gift Plaque
If you are searching for appreciation gift ideas for a police academy instructor, this exquisitely designed Police Academy instructor Appreciation Gift plaque is exactly what you're looking for. It's stylish and allows for ample engraving with your personalized thank you message to really make a unique gift for academy training officer.

Crystal Award Plaques for Police Academy Graduates

After surviving a rigorous police academy, the graduate in your life has more than earned a little recognition. The custom police academy graduation gift plaques offered by DIY Awards combine elegance and style with warmth of character.

Optical Crystal Makes a Clear Difference

Our unique, high-quality graduation plaques constructed of optical crystal will last for years. Designed to become a treasured heirloom, each plaque punctuates a critical moment in the recipient's life. While many plaques and graduation gift awards look like optical crystal in images, they do not possess the material's advantages or longevity. 

Optical crystal is the finest, most flawless type of crystal available for plaques and awards. It's as clear as a camera lens and is also more substantial than plastic. Plus, optical crystal will never yellow or crack, which happens to acrylic plaques over time.

Present your police academy graduate with a gift that will stand the test of time. Throughout their years of tireless service, they can proudly display their crystal plaque. By the time they retire from active duty, the plaque will remain as beautiful as when you gave it.

Custom Engraving and Add-Ons Make a Graduation Gift Special

At DIY Awards, we offer several plaque styles ideal for police academy graduation gifts. These styles are bold and attractive to provide a perfect foundation for you to add a personalized touch.

You can personalize any plaque we sell by adding the recipient's name, a special message and even logos. This allows you to create the right gift for your favorite graduate. You can also add colorfill. When our team colorfills a crystal plaque, we carefully hand-color certain parts of the engraving. This meticulous technique costs only $10 more and adds a boost to your text and images.

Customizing a beautifully crafted police academy graduation gift today for a one-of-a-kind graduate gift is the only kind of gift that makes good sense! Best of all, you can easily individualize your plaque using our intuitive platform. Have fun experimenting by adding different prayers, poems or inspirational quotes. 

Send a Special Policy Academy Gift From Anywhere

Not able to make it to your policy academy graduate's ceremony or celebration? No problem. Choose your preferred optical crystal award plaque to be delivered to your recipient.

Even if you are in a rush, we often offer expedited shipping for a fee. Let our customer service team know if you have questions on getting your plaque to someone within a few days.

Surprise Someone With a Graduation Plaque for Police Officers

Graduating from the police academy takes grit, determination, fortitude and courage. Many people enter into the coursework and curriculum, only to find they cannot keep up. Those who earn a spot at graduation are among the best.

Are you trying to decide which police academy graduation plaque is best suited for your needs? Browse through our collection of awards perfect for individuals committing their career and life to public service. You are sure to find an optical crystal plaque that will illustrate how much you care. 

Place your order for a police academy plaque from DIY Awards today.

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