Safety Award Plaque Wording Ideas

Prizing safety and observing rules and regulations is the fastest way to gain trust in the workplace and out in the world. It’s the one thing that should be valued above all else. Whether your honoree operates as a driver or skilled tradesman, the importance of safety cannot be understated. That’s why it’s so important to look through sample safety recognition award wording ideas. Choose your message with care and consider all safety excellence award wording ideas and quotes. Simple, sincere and memorable is the way to go. And remember, this kind of recognition goes beyond the individual; safety program award wording ideas are also in the mix.

We’ll get you started as you brainstorm how to best honor those with flawless driving records. We’ve got sample safe driving award wording ideas as well as safe driver milestone award wording ideas and quotes. Turn an ordinary professional recognition, a run of the mill safety award into something special when you consider sample safe driver award messages that have been crafted with care.

Sample Safety Recognition Award Wording Idea

Award Name: Safety Champion Award
Award Recipient: A Safety Champion
Sample Safety Award Message: In Recognition of Achieving
Five Consecutive years of
"Perfect Safety Record"

Job Well Done!

Perfect safety records are highlighted on this beautifully made safety champion award to recognize the employee for their outstanding safety achievements and excellent safety records

Safety Excellence Award Messages and Quotes

Award Name: Star of Excellence Safety Award
Presented to: An Excellent Company with Dedication to Safety
Sample Award Message and Safety Records: Three-year Total Case Incident is 0.98
77% below the current BLS industry average
Three-year Transfer Incidence Rate is 0.19
90% below the current BLS industry average


Engraved with the safety records and safety achievements, this safety excellence award is a great way to honor success and promote safety in the workplace

Sample Safe Driving Award Plaque Wording Ideas

Award Name: Years of Safety Award
Award Recipient: Safe Drivers
Sample Safety Award Wording Template: In recognition for your outstanding
safety performance, achieving
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 consecutive years of
safe, collision-free driving while actively
engaged in our daily freight management

Show your appreciation and recognition to the employee demonstrating exemplify driving safety record with this prestigious safe driving award

Sample Safe Driver Award Plaque Message

Award Name: Safe Driver Award
Presented to: Safe Drivers of the Year
Sample Safe Driver Award Message: In Recognition of
Over Three Million Miles
Safe Driving in the Service of
Freight Transportation Company

This safe driver award is an ideal way to recognize your star driver for millions of miles of safe driving and celebrate milestone safety achievements

Safety Program Award Wording Ideas

Award Name: Safety Award For Excellence
Award Recipient: Builders and Trade Contractors with Outstanding Safety Program and Safety Record
Safety Award Wording Template: In recognition of your
successful efforts in implementing
high quality safety programs
and advance safety in our industry

Recognize the companies that excel in their safety program, a great honor to set your organization apart from the competition and let you employee know that you care about their safety

Safe Driver Milestone Award Messages and Quotes

Award Name: Safe Driver Award
Presented to: Safe Drivers
Sample Safe Driver Award Message: IN RECOGNITION OF

With a heartfelt appreciation message and driving milestones proudly displayed, this safety milestone award is a beautiful way to honor any safety success