Fire Academy Graduation Gifts: Custom Crystal Award Plaques

Where would we be without firefighters? They are selfless heroes who capture our imagination and warm our hearts with their selfless actions. Although many children dream of being firefighters, only a select few ever take those first steps toward entering the fire academy as young adults.

When the day of fire academy graduation draws near, it's such an exciting time for both the graduate and his or her loved ones. Surviving and thriving through fire academy is such an exciting accomplishment — and the first step in a noble profession.

If you're looking for the best gift ideas for fire academy graduates, you'll want to make sure you invest in something well-made and stylish. A custom fire academy graduation gift plaque, for example, will actually shine as brightly as the graduate.

DIY Awards makes beautiful crystal gift plaques that can be personalized with deep etch engraving that's included in the price. This extra consideration allows you to craft a message you're proud of and inspired by, instead of mincing words to fit the bill. Order an exquisite fire academy plaque online today and show the firefighter in your life how impressed you are by his or her charitable, brave spirit.

Featured Award Plaques


FDNY Academy Graduation Gift Plaque

$139.99 - $259.99
Celebrate your loved ones graduation from FDNY academy with this unique Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque. Engraved with FDNY logo and firefighter quote, this FDNY academy graduation plaque can be adapted as any other Fire Academy Graduation Gift.

Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque

$139.99 - $239.99
The stars and stripes frosted onto the crystal set the tone of this unique Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque. This Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque can be easily adapted as a gift to honor your upcoming FDNY, LAFD or any fire academy graduate.

Optical Crystal Offers Exceptional Quality

Each of our plaques at DIY Awards is constructed of optical crystal, not acrylic, glass or plastic. Optical crystal has a reputation for being the most coveted type of award material because it holds up throughout the decades. Its transparency allows light to bounce through the crystal and off the etched surfaces, just like a diamond.

If you want your firefighter graduation gift to look fabulous, you cannot choose a better material than optical crystal for your plaque. Explore our wide selection of fire academy graduation gifts today. All of them look even more brilliant and impressive in person.

Personalize Your Crystal Plaque for a Firefighter

Imagine the luster of a personalized FDNY Academy Graduation Gift Plaque or a personalized LAFD Academy Graduation Gift Plaque, made of 100 percent optical crystal and inscribed with a custom message of congratulations. Well, thanks to DIY Awards, you no longer have to imagine!

We encourage you to individualize every fire academy plaque you purchase with text and, if desired, a logo. What type of text belongs on an award? Consider these frequently chosen options:

  • A religious saying or prayer.
  • A famous quote that fits the firefighter's lifestyle or career choice.
  • An inspirational line from a poem or song.
  • A favorite motto that the firefighter frequently uses.
  • A heartfelt message that holds special meaning.

Use your imagination and creativity. Feeling a little tongue-tied? Have a case of writer's block? Our website includes many examples of text possibilities that may be suitable for your occasion.

When you decide upon the perfect phrasing for your award, use our intuitive platform to add it to your order. Our team will take care of etching it into the surface of your plaque for a phenomenal result.

Pick Colorfill Before Checkout for Added Contrast

You will notice that we offer colorfill for a nominal fee. Each colorfill job is completed by hand. Colorfill enhances the engraved areas on the plaque for improved contrast.

To see what colorfill looks like, click on the "?" next to the colorfill selection button. That way, you can determine if colorfill makes sense for your crystal plaque.

Buy One or Many Fire Academy Graduation Gifts

You may need a single firefighter graduation gift, or you might be tasked with purchasing several to hand out to multiple fire academy graduates. Either way, DIY Awards is here to help. Even if you need your plaques last-minute, we have the options you want. Express shipping often takes just a couple of days, allowing you to get your awards in time.

Have questions or want to know about any of our current promotions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer service team members. We look forward to serving you as you surprise the firefighter in your life with an unexpected plaque. If you cannot make it to a fire academy graduation in person, we can easily send your gift directly to your recipient.

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