Leadership Award Wording Ideas

Almost every company today has a series of awards that focus on the management and leadership skills of certain employees. Why? Employee retention is becoming less common as individuals hop from one position to the next. Managing employee retention involves taking strategic actions toward keeping employees motivated. Distributing service awards for qualities such as leadership and dedication is an excellent way to inspire employees to stay at any company.

Phrases, Quotes, Quips & Wording Ideas for Awarding Leaders

At DIY Awards, we recognize that exceptional service and loyalty should be acknowledged — and not with just any award. Our high-quality, deeply-etched engraved crystal awards are professional and pristine. You can customize your crystal plaque by selecting a specific award title, quote, emblem or logo to commemorate your particular employee for all their hard work.

Leadership qualities such as superior customer service, exceptional teamwork, motivation, innovative ideas and lasting contributions are all worthy of recognition. Regional managers, department managers, national managers, global managers, trustees, executive staff and board members that have demonstrated outstanding leadership deserve acknowledgment for their efforts. Another reason for honoring an employee with a leadership crystal plaque award may include their exceptional adherence to specific company values or standards, such as diversity, respect, creativity or innovation.

Whether you want to recognize a past employee's contributions or hone in on a valuable skillset held by an individual, such as new market penetration, strategy or teamwork, leadership crystal plaque awards are the high-quality glass awards that communicate genuine, heartfelt gratitude. Further, it's common to extend appreciation toward individual employees if they're retiring, being promoted to a new position or moving to a separate location within the same association.

Sometimes, it's not easy to brainstorm wording ideas for your leadership awards or customer service awards. Below are some helpful award ideas and eye-catching layouts for employees who've demonstrated noteworthy leadership abilities.

Student Leadership Award Wording and Quotes

Presented to

An Outstanding Leader

In recognition of your outstanding
and most importantly your
Thanks for your guidance that lights
the patch for others to follow.

Highlight the leadership award criteria in the student leadership award wording to recognize outstanding student leaders who clearly demonstrate academic excellence and exemplifies leadership
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Business Leadership Award Wording Idea

Award Name: Business Leaders Award
Award Recipient: An Exemplary Leader
Award Message: We value and respect your exceptional skill,
dedication and professionalism.

We are grateful for your vital contribution to our success.
A beautifully designed crystal plaque, engraved with leadership appreciation message, is a perfect way to honor the inspiring and visionary business leader
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Lifetime Achievement Award Quotes and Wording

Award Name: Leadership Achievement Award
Leadership Award Quote: “The task of the leader is to get
his people from where they are
to where they have not been.”
Sample Award Wording Ideas: In Appreciation
of Your Visionary Guidance
and Outstanding Leadership
For Over 20 Years
Honor the excellence in the workforce that spans an entire career with this lifetime achievement award plaque engraved with inspirational leadership quote
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Community Leadership Award Wording and Quote

Presented to

Our Trustworthy Leader

Building community partnerships
to advance the education, health,
and quality of life of others.

“... these three remain faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

With elegant floral motif in the background, this design exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. It is a meaningful way to honor visionary and dedicated leaders who are doing extraordinary work in serving our community.
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Nonprofit Leadership Award Wording Ideas

Award Name: Nonprofit Leadership Award
Award Recipient: An Extraordinary Leader
Leadership Award Template: In recognition and with appreciation for
your valuable contributions to fund-raising,
outreach, excellent volunteerism 
and donor development.

Your passion for helping others,
high integrity and innovative ideas
are absolutely contagious.
Award Quote and Message: For all this & more, we say Thank You!
With the achievement highlighted, this leadership award plaque is a great way to recognize and reward leaders who exemplify best practice in nonprofit management
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Sample Public Service Leadership Award Message

Award Name: Public Service Leadership Award
Award Recipient: An Outstanding Leader in Public Service
Award Template: In recognition for your outstanding leadership, strength, and dedicated public service across the state of Texas.

With appreciation for your guidance that
lights the path for others to follow.

Thank You!

Your commitment and vision
have made all the difference!
Show your appreciation to the individuals who have achieved great levels of success and have demonstrated leadership in and commitment to the field of public service
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Sample Leadership Excellence Award Wording Idea

In Appreciation and Recognition to

An Outstanding Leader

For Your Visionary Guidance
and Exceptional Leadership

Recognize Leadership Excellence with a heartfelt message of appreciation that speaks volumes. It creates a sense of value and loyalty among employees, increasing their engagement and job satisfaction.
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Global Leadership Award Wording Idea and Quote

Award Name: President of the Year Award
Leadership Award Wording:

We are Proud
To Acknowledge & Present

An Outstanding President

Congratulations on
your accomplishments, 
and looking forward to
your future contributions.

Great leaders are
an inspiration to us all.
A heartfelt congratulations message and an elegant-designed crystal plaque are great ways to honor presidents who inspire those around them to aim higher and work harder.
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Custom Corporate Recognition Awards & Plaques

Custom Corporate Leadership Awards & Plaques

Great leaders are key to an organization’s success. As Peter Drucker famously stated “Leadership is doing the right things”, great leaders set direction, build an inspiring vision, and guide people to achieve common goals. Leadership awards recognize the outstanding skills and lifetime achievements of great leaders. Above is a collection of leadership award wording ideas, your favorite leadership inspirational quotes, or even lines of poetry that you could use to personalize the leadership award plaque and make the award as unique and dynamic as the honoree.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” --- John C. Maxwell

At DIY Awards, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed award titles and crystal plaques displaying memorable quotes. Other benefits of selecting DIY Awards as your crystal award manufacturer are:

  • All our leadership awards are entirely customizable: Personalize your glass award by adjusting wording or positioning quotes the way you want them. Or, brainstorm your own wording ideas to display on our plaques for that exceptional employee. Our online customization tool is unlike any other online award site.
  • High-quality materials: Our glass awards feature clear crystal and deep-etched engravings. If you purchase DIY Award plaques, you're choosing quality materials for your revered employee.
  • We charge no additional fees for specific wording: Whether you decide to change the wording on your plaque or add a particular logo, emblem, company name or design, you can do so at no additional charge.
  • Our representatives offer superior customer service: Get your crystal plaque delivered in as little as three business days with our rush service option. All our representatives answer emails within a few hours and calls on or before the third ring.
  • DIY Award designers target a variety of professions: Whether you want to commemorate a dedicated pastor, police officer, teacher, fireman, military officer, nurse or any corporate employee, we have the awards titles and examples for you.
  • Wording inspiration: When you're not sure how to choose words that will have the effect you want, check out our collection of quotes and wording ideas. This will help you perfectly express your feelings to your special employee.
  • A variety of color options and designs: Choose a personalized color or contemporary design to make any crystal retirement plaque as meaningful as possible.

Whether you already have an award title or wording scheme in mind or want to browse our awards examples for ideas, DIY Awards has the best award plaques for you. Call us at 1-800-810-1216 or contact us today for questions about our leadership awards and crystal plaque options.

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