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At DIY Awards, we offer a vast selection of beautiful police prayer plaques. Each of our breathtaking crystal plaque is hand-carved with 100% optical crystal, deep-etched with your personal prayer and hand-painted with finished detail. From their impeccable quality to their custom qualities, you won't find anything as impressive as our awards.

Featured Award Plaques

#482 Police Officer's Prayer Plaque

Shield Police Officer Prayer Plaque

$139.99 - $239.99
Police officers are the everyday heroes across America. The Policeman's theme on this uniquely designed plaque honors America's finest, who protect and serve our community and our country.
#483 St Michael's Prayer Plaque

St Michael's Prayer Gift Plaque

$139.99 - $189.99
St. Michael is the Patron Saint of firefighters, police officers and the military. This standing crystal plaque features a beautiful image of St. Michael with the prayer that begins: "St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle."
#583 Sheriff's Prayer Plaque
This Sheriff’s Prayer Plaque, in the shape of police shield and inscribed with policeman’s prayer, is ideal for recognizing any law enforcement officers. The Sheriff’s Prayer Gift Plaque can be customized in any way for maximum personalization.
#584 Police Prayer Cross Plaque

Police Prayer Cross Plaque

$149.99 - $199.99
If you are looking for a police officer prayer plaque with bible verse, this Police Prayer Cross Plaque is perfect. Detailed with lacy floral vine and a gold cross, this Police Prayer Cross Plaque is beautifully made and prime for inscription.

Police officers are true public servants who put their lives on the line for the safety and protection of others. There are several versions of Policeman's Prayers to commemorate the unique challenges of walking the beat. You can find some of the examples here.

To protect and serve, to walk a beat with honor, to strengthen a community; all these duties are humbly and graciously taken on by police officers and sheriff's deputies every day. The profession of police officer demands a rare combination of bravery and compassion. Police officers must persevere in the face of adversity, heading forward down dark paths and running toward, instead of away from, disaster. Police officers are true public servants in every sense of the phrase. It's a job worthy of great honor.

  • Policeman's Prayer
    Several prayers have been penned to commemorate the police officers and sheriffs who make the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve. Most commonly titled 'A Policeman's Prayer,'. Attached are several versions of Policeman's Prayer to choose from, including the Police Officer's Prayer to St. Michael. These simple, honest words ask for guidance and support from God to carry out a job we all depend on and sometimes take for granted.
  • Police Poems
    The lyricism of poetry is an appropriately elegant way to convey gratitude to the police officers. There are many police poems that have already been written that can be cleverly included on the plaque, or captured in inscription on a special gift to the police officers and sheriffs. The website has published many police poems in honor of the contributions of a police officer and all the poems can be read online.
  • Police Sayings and Quotes
    Police officer jobs can be dangerous, frustrating, but tremendously rewarding. Here are some Police Sayings and Quotes from a wide variety of people about police work, its challenges and rewards, and the value of law enforcement personnel

With our easy-to-use, unique online personalization tool, you can design your custom crystal prayer plaque any way you desire. Add the officer's name, department they work, a passage of scripture, a symbol or whatever will make your gift most special. All your hand-chosen details will be etched into your finished product for long-lasting quality.

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