Custom Retirement Award Plaque for Pastor

When it comes to saying goodbye in a heartfelt way and showing your pastor how special they are, a personalized crystal plaque is the perfect gift for your pastor's retirement. Tasteful and unique, it serves as a keepsake and a memorial of their time in your community.

Featured Award Plaques

#035 Sailboat Pastor Retirement Plaque
Sailboats are often a symbol of progress and moving forward -which makes this boat-shaped plaque the perfect gift for a retiring pastor. Celebrating dedicated pastoral service, and offering "good luck and best wishes" to the retired pastors with our unique sailboat pastor retirement gift plaque.
#561 Clergy Retirement Gift Plaque

Bible Clergy Retirement Gift Plaque

$169.99 - $249.99
Can you imagine a more fitting gift to say farewell to your retiring clergy for the faithful ministry? A beautiful crystal bible, festooned with praying hands and scripture is only part of what defines this lovely Clergy Retirement Gift Plaque. Purchase it to say farewell to a beloved pastor whose retirement is approaching.
#560 Pastor Retirement Cross

Cross Pastor Retirement Gift Plaque

$149.99 - $199.99
Do you want to help a pastor celebrate their upcoming retirement? This beautiful and sturdy Pastor Retirement Cross is the ideal gift to wish them good luck in their future endeavors. It can be personalized with whatever design details or carefully chosen words best convey the sentiments of your congregation.
#563 Trinity Pastor Retirement Plaque

Trinity Pastor Retirement Plaque

$144.99 - $219.99
Every retiring pastor deserves a special gift that helps them commemorate their years dedicated to the church. Our Trinity Retirement Plaque is classy and timeless — making it the ideal present. Give a thoughtful, long-lasting gift to the retiring pastor who have given their careers in service to God.
#562 Wedge Pastoral Retirement Plaque

Wedge Pastoral Retirement Plaque

$129.99 - $229.99
If you are searching through pastor retirement gift ideas, this beautiful Wedge Pastoral Retirement Plaque is exactly what you are looking for. Our Wedge Pastoral Retirement Plaque will help you commemorate a retiring pastor who has touched the lives of many throughout their religious career.
#564 Wave Pastor Retirement Gift

Wave Pastor Retirement Gift Plaque

$149.99 - $249.99
The sweet sentiments and gentle curve of the crystal give the Wave Pastor Retirement Plaque a special sparkle. Consider this beautiful, easy to personalize pastor retirement plaque for the retiring minister in your parish. Show your appreciation for a retiring pastor with our Pastor Going Away Gift Plaque, which features a stunning crystal display.
#568 Pastor Going Away Gift Plaque

Star Pastor Going Away Gift Plaque

$189.99 - $299.99
If you want to make a lasting impression on your church leader who’s retiring, the Pastor Going Away Gift Plaque is as memorable as it is unique. Shimmering with natural light and easy to personalize, it’s not just a gift; it’s a memory. Our easy-to-personalize Pastor Going Away Gift Plaque is a personal gift that is sure to touch the heart of any retiring pastor.
#567 Pastor Retirement Tribute

Pastor Retirement Tribute

$189.99 - $279.99
Searching for gift ideas for a pastor leaving? Give your retiring pastor a memento to cherish, something that will truly be around for years. The Pastor Retirement Tribute is a unique, personal, and touching gift that is sure to remain a favored present your pastor will never forget.
#565 Cathedral Pastor Farewell Gift
If you're searching for the perfect gift plaque to inscribe retirement blessings on for a retiring pastor, this gift is the perfect choice. Our stunning Cathedral Pastor Farewell Gift is the perfect backdrop for recording your farewell messages for your leaving pastor.

Say Goodbye With a Personalized Retirement Gift Plaque for Your Pastor

Are you bidding farewell to a favorite pastor who's retiring? As the leader of your congregation and the glue that holds your community together, your pastor is the person you turn to for faith, support and inspiration. When it comes time to end their years of service, any pastor deserves your appreciation for all the years they've dedicated to making your congregation strong.

Here at DIY Awards, we offer an extensive selection of pastor retirement gift plaques to customize for your special church leader. Crafted of the finest-quality 100% optical crystal, each award offers a unique design and the opportunity to personalize. Choose your message, inscription, excerpt, logo or picture to set your plaque apart — with our singular online customization tool, it's easy to make your award personal.

Can't come up with the right way to express your gratitude? Call or email our customer service team for assistance and inscription ideas. In addition to friendly service and incredible quality, we offer speedy turnaround times on your custom awards.

Offer your pastor a gift worthy of their service and last sermon when you browse our beautiful selection and buy online from DIY Awards. Order a custom crystal gift plaque for your pastor's retirement today.

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