Do you want to recognize a retiree's many years of hard work in their profession? Perhaps you are organizing an awards ceremony or a retirement party for a dedicated employee. Either way, presenting your retiree with a personalized Employee Retirement Plaque is an excellent way to show your appreciation. Incorporate a unique message or heartfelt memory on your plaque and gift a special man or woman with an award they'll treasure for years to come. 

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Personalizing a Retirement Gift Plaque

Coming up with wording for a retirement plaque award may seem like a big task. The man or woman you want to commemorate has most likely served in their profession for years. How do you sum up all those years of service on one crystal retirement plaque?

The good news is, DIY Awards offers several pre-designed retiree templates, retirement wording ideas, quotes and logos to get you started. Whether you want to use our phrasing ideas, make a few alterations to a plaque you like or create a personalized award entirely from scratch, the choice is yours.

If you've browsed our wording ideas and plaque designs and would like further inspiration to get started, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you craft the perfect retirement plaque message for your exceptional employee:

  • Make it concise: Devote a portion of your crystal award plaque for an inspiring quote or farewell message, but remember to keep it short and succinct.
  • Keep it professional: A lighthearted yet formal tone usually works best for employer/employee retirement awards. 
  • Use relevancy: One way to start generating ideas for a crystal retirement plaque is to find out what your company has done to recognize retirees in the past. What language, quotes or memories were used? Use this as a base to get started on your own personalized plaque. 

Popular crystal retirement plaque phrases include:

  • You Made a Difference
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Happy Retirement!
  • Thank You For Your Hard Work and Dedication
  • Best of Luck on Your Retirement
  • We Wish You a Long and Happy Retirement
  • You Will Be Missed

DIY Award's unique online customization tool is unlike any other award site. You can get started designing your custom crystal retirement plaque right away. Our customer service representatives are available around-the-clock and will answer within three rings. You can also shoot us an email and we'll respond within a few hours to any of your queries. 

Buy a Crystal Retirement Plaque for Your Revered Employee Today

While appreciated employees can help your business succeed, honored retirees can boost overall company morale. When employees feel respected and treasured — especially near retirement — the sentiment trickles down to your entire team and fosters a sense of camaraderie and fellowship.  

Building a positive company culture is just one facet of gifting an employee with a crystal retirement plaque. By the time someone is preparing for retirement, they've most likely spent years — even decades — at your establishment. Honoring those years of service and hard work is paramount. Retirement is truly a special time for reflection, celebration and excitement at the prospect of a new life chapter.

Order an Employee Retirement Plaque today and send your retiree off with a truly remarkable gift they'll treasure for years to come. 

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