Custom Congratulations Plaque for Nursing School Graduation

Not everyone has what it takes to successfully finish nursing school to pursue a career in the medical field. Show the nursing school graduate in your life that you care about the hard work they put in by investing in personalized nurse graduation gifts.

At DIY Awards, we offer numerous types of crystal plaques ideal for nurse graduation ceremonies. Pick the size and style you want, and then have it personalized. The nursing school graduate in your life will proudly display this award for years to come!

Featured Award Plaques

#665 Nursing School Graduation Gift

Sunflower Nurse School Grad Gift

$129.99 - $229.99
Round, bold and sparkling with natural light, the Nursing School Graduation Gift is the perfect way to celebrate the major milestone of nursing school graduation.
#598 Nurse Pinning Ceremony Gift

Flame Nurse Pinning Ceremony Gift

$129.99 - $219.99
Consider this Nurse Graduation Pinning Ceremony Gift for the newly graduated nurse in your life. Cut from the finest 100% optical crystal, this personalized nurse graduation gift is sure to both humble and honor the nursing school graduate.
#601 Nursing School Graduation Gift

Registered Nurse Graduation Gift

$149.99 - $249.99
Our gorgeous Registered Nurse Graduation Gift really sets a tone of accomplishment for the intelligent man or woman who’s chosen a life of service as an RN. This crystal RN graduation gift is perfect to honor the registered nurse in your life.
#603 BSN Graduation Gift Plaque

BSN Graduation Gift Plaque

$169.99 - $249.99
Make this beautiful BSN Graduation Gift Plaque something to remember with delicate deep etch engraving, even a school logo or seal. This nursing school graduation gift is sure to delight any honoree who has committed his or her life to the care of others.
#607 Nurse Graduation Gift Plaque
The graceful peak of the cathedral shaped plaque is a beautiful way to celebrate commencement for someone who’s completed nursing school. The Nurse Graduation Gift Plaque can also be personalized to honor a friend or loved one with custom detail.

Customized Nurse Graduation Plaques

Nursing students are smart and selfless, creative and caring. For the special moment of nursing graduation, you'll want to choose a gift that is lovely and personal. DIY Awards has gone so far as to create personalized gifts for the nurse pinning ceremony, and so much more.

How can you personalize your award? First, consider adding engraved lines of text. This could be an inspirational saying or perhaps a poem. Maybe your nursing student often repeats an uplifting motto that would work perfectly.

If you desire, you can also have an image engraved onto the plaque. The image could be anything from the standard medical seal to a nursing school logo. As a final way to make your words and images stand out, choose colorfill at checkout to enhance any etched areas.

Optical Crystal Offers Beauty and Longevity

These lovely nurse graduation gifts are made of the finest 100-percent optical crystal, and the deep etch engraving you can use to personalize each graduation gift is included at no additional cost. Custom nurse graduation gift plaques are ideal for display at home or work. And because the crystal is of such high quality, these plaques shimmer with natural light, giving them an ethereal glow that might make them worthy of the dedicated nurses on the other side.

Unlike other types of materials used in less high-end plaques, optical crystal will never fade, yellow or crack. From the moment you feel the weight and see the beauty of your nurse graduation award, you will recognize why optical crystal is the gold standard in exceptional plaque material.

Nurse Graduation Awards for Every Nursing Student

Nurses often graduate from several schools over their careers. For instance, you could need a graduate gift for a certified nurse just starting in the profession. On the other hand, you might want to give a plaque to a nurse who has received an RN, BSN or MSN degree.

Which plaque is right for your recipient and occasion? We offer plenty of plaque shapes, sizes and styles to allow you to make the best possible choice. If you need advice, you can always contact us for friendly assistance.

Benefits of Buying a Plaque as a Nurse Graduation Gift

Are you new to the idea of buying an optical crystal plaque as a graduation present? We can assure you that making this type of purchase has many benefits. First and foremost, your nursing student graduate will feel incredibly special and loved. Additionally, the high-end quality of the personalized plaque shows you spent time thinking about your friend, family member or colleague.

Another benefit of giving a crystal plaque is that it can be kept forever. Decades from now, your recipient will still show off the award — and remember that you cared enough to give it.

Expedited Shipping for Last-Minute Gift Orders

Did you only recently find out that someone you know is graduating from nursing school? Were you invited to a nursing graduation pinning, ceremony or party? Figuring out what to bring can be challenging.

Instead of buying something that holds little meaning, consider investing in an optical crystal plaque. Our distinctive plaques are created to be conversation pieces and heirlooms.

Why wonder what to purchase when DIY Awards makes it so easy to shop for a memorable nurse graduation gift online? With a few clicks, you can have your nurse graduation plaque delivered. Plus, we offer express shipping in case you need your award right away.

Browse our selection of personalized nurse graduation gift plaques, and create the perfect gift for the nursing graduate in your life!

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