Police Appreciation Quotes and Plaque Wording Ideas

Sample Policeman Appreciation Quote


Presented to


Your selfless dedication and tireless
efforts have touched and changed countless
people in our organization. We honor
your service as Policeman of the Year for
inspiring greatness within the community.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Express your gratitude to the police officer for his tireless and consistent service with this heartwarming policeman appreciation message.

Appreciation Message for Retiring Police Officer

With great honor
and recognition for
your commendable
and dedicated service
to the Dickson County
Sheriff’s Office.
You are truly
Tennessee’s Finest.

In Honor Of the Retiring Police Captain

Presented with Pride, Respect and Love

Given the retired police officer the final salute and thank them for their hard work and commitment with this sample retiring police officer appreciation message.

Sample Police Appreciation Award Message


In Recognition of 25 Years of Service

To a Dedicated Police Officer

For handling each emergency with
uncompromised competence and integrity,
For being the steady voice in a storm,
For using courage and compassion, and
For providing such a meaningful service
to the citizens of New York City...

Always remember that

Tell that police officer who go above and beyond the call of duty “You Made a Difference!”. What a perfect way to salute outstanding achievements of dedicated officer of the police force.

Sample Police Officer Appreciation Quote

May this Award of Excellence be a reminder
of the vast appreciation that members of
the Columbia Police Department have for

An Exceptional Police Officer

He is an unsurpassed teacher, mentor and
role-model of whom we all strive to emulate.
It is with extreme gratitude that we can say
he will always be with each and every one of his
students, reminding him or her to stay safe,
do what is right and live life to the fullest.

It is with most sincere hearts we say

Thank you.

Say “thank you” to the police officer with this sample appreciation quote and let him or her know how his or her actions made a difference in your career and your life

Sample Police Appreciation Plaque Wording Ideas

In Recognition for your
36 Years of Service, 15 Years of that as Chief

This plaque is given in appreciation for your
dedication and impressive achievements.
You have exemplified the character traits of:
devotion to duty, brotherly love for your officers,
sincerity of purpose and genuine concern for all.
Thank you for providing such significant
service to the citizens of Columbus.

Always remember that
Consider this sample police appreciation plaque wording idea if you are stuck coming up with the words of praise for the police officer who is dedicated to protect and serve the community.

Sample Police Recognition Award Wording


The NYPD 39th Precinct's Exemplary Service
to Protect & Improve the Quality of Life in the
District Under the Extraordinary Leadership of

Deputy Police Inspector

We Thank You
for Your Devotion, Dedication and Hard Work.
You are an Important Part of Our Community!

Presented at the
Howard Street Business Improvement District
18th Annual Convention
This Police Recognition Award engraved with personalized appreciation wording offers a permanent reminder of how much you appreciate their contribution to the community

Religious Thank You Quote to Police Officer


In Honor of A Distinguished Sheriff

For a man of principles who has truly lived
up to the Christian Values that he believes,
we thank you for your years of service to
the Citizens of Martin County, Kentucky.

You have served with Honor, Dedication and
Selflessness and an example for all to follow.

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that
they may see your good works, and glorify
your Father which is in Heaven.

This religious words of encouragement and thank you message are perfect ways to salute and honor the police officer of faith.

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Police appreciation is the least we can do to celebrate the brave men and women who stand behind the thin blue line and put their community first. When the time comes to lift up the good work of the law enforcement official in your life, you’ll want to choose your words of thanks carefully, especially if they’re going to be engraved on something long-lasting, like a beautiful crystal plaque. We’ve compiled some especially moving sample policeman appreciation quotes, messages and sample police appreciation plaque wording ideas to get you started. Craft something you’re proud of with help from the inspirational appreciation messages for retiring police officers!

Because police work is so draining, so risky and thankless, it’s important that you consider sample police appreciation award messages with heart. Really dig deep when considering how to honor this blessed public servant; consider a police officer appreciation quote to express your gratitude. The inspiring words of others go a long way, especially when they’re inscribed on a well-made memento of appreciation. Don’t forget, for the spiritually-minded, we’ve also suggested a religious thank you message to police officer. As long as you choose your words with your heart first, you’re bound to settle on a police appreciation message that will stand the test of time.

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