Celebrate Your Pastor with A Custom Ordination Plaque

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Pastoral Ordination is the ceremony of bestowing a person with a position of religious authority - as when someone becomes a deacon, priest, minister, or bishop. Devotion to God and the study of spiritual education are the foundation of ordination.

When considering pastor ordination gifts, think about giving a gift that reflects the commitment the honored individual has pledged to God and their entire church community. The purity of crystal is more than apropos for a spiritually pristine occasion like ordination. A personalized ordination gift with engraving scripture, a note of encouragement, a poem or a hymn on a delicate plaque is a moving gesture.

Pastor Ordination Gift

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Ordination gift honors Bishop, Priest, Deacon and Pastor being ordained into ministry. Featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, our ordination gifts convey a reverent, heartfelt appreciation for the ordinand.

Standing Cross Ordination Gifts

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To honor the achievement of ordination, the Standing Cross Ordination Gift is as symbolic as it is beautiful. If you are looking for ordination presents, this gorgeously-crafted, optical crystal cross can be engraved to suit any honoree.

Cathedral Ordination Plaques


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This unique Ordination Gift Plaque is a wonderful way to mark the very special moment of ordination service. It serves as a special gift to demonstrate your appreciation and support to a newly ordained deacon, presbyter and bishop.

'Called to Serve' Ordination Gifts

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“Called to Serve” reflects a desire to serve God. It is the first words used when calling church members to full-time missionary service. This unique Ordination plaque offers plenty of room to congratulate the newly ordained ministers.

Pinnacle Ordination Plaques

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Much as ordination is the pinnacle of religious achievement, our Pinnacle Ordination Plaques are an appropriate way to celebrate the accomplishment. Personalize this ordination present to make it one of a kind.

Episcopal Ordination Gift Plaques

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Episcopal Ordination Gift Plaques are the kind of remembrances that speak volumes. This piece can be customized for any branch of faith, but serve as the ultimate in ordination gifts for episcopal priests.

Most ordination ceremonies are deep rooted in tradition. They contain special readings, congregational responses, prayers, meditations and sacraments. It's a day for reflection and commitment, and a chance for a religious institution to recognize a new leader, a new flag bearer.

  • Catholic Ordination Ceremonies
    The rite of Catholic Ordination is an old, storied part of catholic tradition. But it has undergone many changes in the modern era. The Diocese of Joliet has constructed a sample program for ordination.
  • Protestant Ordination Ceremonies
    According to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, most protestant ordination ceremonies can be incorporated into a regular Sunday morning or evening service of the church. They may also be planned for a special time.
  • Ordination Scripture
    On an occasion as holy as ordination, biblical text and solemn prayer can mark the occasion like no other word, written or spoken, can. Here are Examples of Ordination Scriptures for your reference.
  • Ordination Prayers
    Depending on specific church services, different Ordination Prayers are used to mark the special occasion.