Personalized Police Recognition Gift Plaques

Men and women who join the police force regularly put their lives on the line to protect people living in the communities they serve. In response to their tireless commitment to safety and protection, you may want to honor those devoted officers with a special police service plaque.

At DIY Awards, we offer a variety of law enforcement recognition awards suitable for all occasions. Perhaps you want to celebrate a specific act of heroism by your favorite police officer. Maybe you want to thank a group of officers who went above and beyond during times of great uncertainty. Or you might even want to present an annual life-saving award to a police officer whose bravery knows no bounds.

Whatever your reason for giving away a police recognition award, you can always find the highest quality plaques at DIY Awards. 

Featured Award Plaques

#462 Police Officer Recognition Plaque

Police Officer Recognition Plaque

$125.99 - $229.99
Honor police officers and county sheriffs who go above and beyond with this personalized Police Officer Plaque. With a shield shape and room for a badge and inscription, it's an impressive custom award to recognize an outstanding officer.
#463 Police Service Award Plaque

Police Service Award Plaque

$169.99 - $269.99
This Police Service Award Plaque is the perfect way to celebrate police officers for 10, 20 or 30 years of faithful service. Complete with a stately officer's badge, this Police Service Award can honor both acting and retiring officers.
Sale #461 Police Appreciation Plaque

Police Appreciation Plaque

$109.99 - $179.99 $99.99 - $169.99
Perfect as a custom award to recognize an officer, reward heroism or wish someone well as they head toward retirement, this Police gift is a dynamic choice. The scrollwork accent adds an elegant touch.
Police Recognition Plaques Wording Ideas

Are you having trouble thinking of what to add to your law enforcement recognition award? Consider a prayer, poem, inspirational motto or even favorite song lyrics. A few words can have incredible meaning for your recipient.

After deciding what to say on your plaque, consider finishing the personalization with colorfill. Our colorfill technique involves hand-coloring etched areas of the plaque to help them stand out more. Colorfilled plaques exude warmth and life while looking incredible when placed on a desk, bookshelf or display table.

What Makes Our Police Recognition Awards Unique?

We use optical crystal to create our law enforcement recognition and other plaques. Optical crystal is more transparent than other types of commonly used plaque materials, such as acrylic, plastic or glass. Not only does optical crystal offer tremendous clarity, but it lasts decades without yellowing or cracking. Plus, the crystal causes rainbow light reflections to bounce off the meticulously carved surfaces.

You and your recipient will know the difference in our police service plaques the moment you hold one. All awards we produce echo our unwavering commitment to providing you with a superior product. Your favorite law enforcement officer will be pleased to showcase a police recognition plaque from DIY Awards for years to come. 

Individualize Your Police Service Plaque

We encourage you to customize your selection from our various police service plaques. You can add engraved text, images and logos. These add-ons help you completely transform our beautiful awards into treasured heirlooms.

Receive Your Law Enforcement Recognition Award in Days

Do you need a life-saving award or other police officer-focused plaque soon? Place your order today and have it expedited with our express shipping option. Fast delivery enables you to get a top-notch plaque constructed of optical crystal without delay or compromise.

Check out our second-to-none options at DIY Awards and find the perfect gift for your needs. Do you want a little help choosing the right award? Our customer service team is eager to serve you. 

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