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Looking for a touching, genuine way to show a strong leader how much you appreciate them? Whether you're thinking of a boss, a community leader, a religious leader or someone else who shows excellent leadership skills, the person who drives people in a positive direction deserves recognition. While following their lead and strengthening their team might be reward enough, saying thank you with a gift is even more special.

When you're looking for a heartfelt gesture to honor a leader and give them something to remember, a leadership award plaque is the right gift to make a statement — and a memory. Classy and customized to your recipient, a plaque offers both a keepsake item and a personalized message your recipient will always cherish.

Featured Award Plaques

#006 Flame Leadership Award

Flame Shaped Leadership Award Plaque

$115.99 - $199.99
Leadership is like a flame you need to keep alive to grow your organization. Resembling the shape of the flame, the flame leadership award plaque is used to recognize those who keep the leadership flame alive among the organization. Purchase our Flame Leadership Award Plaque for someone who exemplifies positive leadership every day.
#020 Crystal Achievement Award

Crystal Achievement Award Plaque

$135.99 - $199.99
Our Crystal Achievement Award Plaque is a contemporary leadership award plaque that will recognize all the important leaders within your organization. The five stars on the side of this beautifully designed plaque show the leader they matter.
#242 Global Leadership  Award

Globe Leadership Award Statue

$159.99 - $219.99
Global leadership is something to celebrate, and our personalized Global Leadership Award Plaque is the perfect gift to reflect worldwide success. The crystal globe on top is just another detail that sets this plaque apart. Honor your global leaders with this personalized global leadership award plaque.
#274 Diamond Leadership Award

Diamond Leadership Award Plaque

$119.99 - $219.99
Inspired leadership with this beautifully designed Diamond Leadership Award Trophy. Our Diamond Leadership Award Plaque has an exquisite design and room to customize that allow you to go above and beyond. This custom crystal leadership plaque in the shape of a diamond will stand out for years.
#029 Leadership Excellence Award

Circle Leadership Excellence Award

$125.99 - $159.99
Every leader has different attributes, and you need a leadership award plaque that matches those unique traits. Our Leadership Excellence Award Plaque highlights key pillars of success and can get personalized to the recipient.
#062 Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award Trophy

$129.99 - $169.99
When someone achieves this high honor, they need a leadership trophy that commemorates it. Our Lifetime Achievement Award Trophy is perfect for individuals who meet significant leadership achievements.
#053 Crystal Leadership  Award

Crystal Leadership Award Obelisk

$139.99 - $179.99
If you are searching for leadership award trophies, the Crystal obelisk towers are impressive choices for your Leadership awards. Crystal obelisk towers are both sleek and unique crystal leadership plaques. Our Crystal Leadership Award Plaque features reverse-engraved messages that truly make it a one-of-a-kind award.
#708 Board of Director Appreciation Award Plaque
Board of directors do incredibly important work. Tell them "thank you" with our Board of Director Appreciation Award Plaque. This crystal leadership plaque with a unique sail-shape will make the perfect farewell gift for outgoing board members, president or chairman.
#073 Personalized Crystal Obelisk Leadership Award Trophy
This custom crystal obelisk leadership award plaque is a distinct way to honor an outstanding leader for dedication and achievement. Whether you are looking for a thank you gift for manager or recognition award for a lifetime of achievement, this stunning leadership award trophy is sure to impressed that exceptional leader.

Unforgettable Leadership Trophies and Plaques at DIY Awards

At DIY Awards, we offer a broad selection of leadership plaques and awards to suit your occasion. As a unique online supplier of premium glass awards, they offer both exceptional quality and a user-friendly personalization process. Each custom crystal leadership plaque is crafted of 100% optical crystal, hand-painted and deep-etched with the features you choose for your award.

With our unique customization tool, you can choose your message, font, logo and details as well as your design. If you need any assistance — with wording and technical details — our team is here to assist you promptly. Plus, you can receive your personalized gift within three days when you choose our rush shipping option.

Show Your Appreciation for Their Guidance

While an unspoken understanding or simple “thank you” to a leader is the most common way many express gratitude for exceptional services or unwavering commitment, a better way to appreciate one’s guidance or hard work is with a beautiful and personal leadership award. Our plaques and trophies are suitable for just about any occasion, purpose or individual, but popular recipients for our leadership awards include:

  • Student organization leaders
  • Community service leaders
  • Religious leaders
  • Employers
  • Coworkers

DIY Awards: The Best Choice for Leadership Trophies and Plaques

At DIY Awards, we love what we do and are dedicated to helping our customers create the most unique, valuable and memorable awards and trophies for special individuals. We have years of experience designing and crafting innovative and elegant plaques that are sure to make a lasting impression and delight honorees. With leadership trophies from DIY Awards, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Beautiful, high-quality crystal: Nothing says elegance or value better than a crystal trophy. With our clear, intricate designs and gorgeous crystal materials, recipients will be proud to show off their leadership trophies for years to come.
  • Helpful and friendly design assistance: Creating a truly unique and attractive leadership plaque can be tricky. But with the creative and knowledgeable design team at DIY Awards, designing a custom award is easy. We can provide guidance on wording, style and the overall aesthetic.
  • Customization options: With our customization tool, you can personalize your leadership trophy with memorable messages, brand or organization names, and logos or colors.
  • Fast shipping: Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. That’s why, along with our superior-quality trophies and plaques, we also offer incredibly fast turnaround and shipping. With our rush delivery options, you can receive your new leadership trophy in just three days.

Reasons to Acknowledge Hard Work With a Leadership Award

After a difficult project completion or working with a talented, driven individual, the best way to recognize their accomplishments and hard work is by gifting them with an attractive crystal leadership trophy from DIY Awards. While acknowledging individuals with a beautiful trophy or plaque isn’t necessary, by taking the time to create a crystal award you can continue motivating individuals, display company or organizational values and encourage a more positive environment. Giving leadership trophies is also a good idea because they are:

  • Meaningful: A quality trophy is not only beautiful, but it also shows that you really value the commitment of the individual for their unwavering leadership.
  • Long-lasting: Unlike alternative gift options like a cardstock certificate or a gift card, a leadership trophy can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come as a lasting reminder of a job well done.
  • An extension of your organization: These crystal trophies will be a lovely extension of the dedication and values of your company and show that you truly appreciate an individual’s hard work. When they show off this trophy for the next few years, they’ll always have fond memories of your organization.

Custom Leadership Trophies and Fast Delivery

Recognize an influential leader in your life by ordering a custom crystal leadership plaque from DIY Awards today. For more information on our products or creation process, or for design inspiration, call us today at 800-810-1216 or complete our online contact form.

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