Nurse Appreciation Poems, Quotes and Plaque Wording Ideas

“An Angel Without Wings” Nurse Appreciation Poem

Sample Nurse Appreciation Poem:

You Are Angels Without Wings

You cared for the sick and
held many hands through the years.
You laughed with some and
with others you cried real tears. 
You carried out orders from
one too many grumpy does,
all the while glancing often at the clock.
A nurse never knows what complication each
illness brings, but you did your duties like
“An Angel without wings.”

Nurse Appreciation Week 2017

“An Angel Without Wings”, what a perfect sweet poem to say thank you to the nurses and let them know how much you appreciate their care, commitment and dedication
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Sample Thank You Note for Doctor and Nurse after Baby Delivery

Sample Appreciation Message for OBGYN & Delivery Nurse Team

With Our Greatest APPRECIATION

Thank you all for the wonderful support, kindness and compassion you all showed us during our journey to have our family. The words could not express the gratitude we have in our hearts for what you have done. 
May God richly bless you and protect you and your staff as you make dreams come true for many parents. 

This beautiful crystal heart plaque, engraved with a personalize thank you note, is a perfect gift to show your appreciation to the delivery doctor, nurse and staff who work night and day to keep the mom and baby safe
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Sample Nurse Appreciation Week Quote

Sample Nurse Appreciation Day Quote:

Honoring A Very Special Nurse

Every minute of every day, a nurse somewhere
brings a smile, shares a problem, 
eases a pain, and makes a special difference. 
Thank you for being that kind of person.

Happy Nurses Day 2017

- The National Nurse Week is celebrating form May 6th to 12th, which is on the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Show that special nurse your appreciation with an inspirational nurse appreciation quote
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Sample Inspiring Prayers for Nurses

In Honor of:

A Very Special Nurse

A Nurse's Prayer: Give to my heart, Oh Lord...
Compassion and Understanding.
Give to my hands, skill and tenderness.
Give to my lips words to comfort.
Give to me, Lord...
Strength for this selfless service.
And enable me to give hope
to those I am called to serve.
Show your appreciation and support to that special nurse of faith with this beautiful nurse prayers cross, crowned with praying hands and engraved with inspiring Nurse’s prayers.
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Sample Nurse Appreciation Message

Sample Personalized Thank You Message To A Special Nurse:

To a Special Nurse

Thank You!

Thank you for your compassionate care
to our family and the countless others
you have helped during your many years of
service to our community. Your hard work
and dedication is an inspiration to us all!

With Love & Appreciation

A heartwarming nurse appreciation message to inspire and uplift nurses and let them know the positive impacts they have made on their patients and families
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Personalized Crystal Plaques and Gifts for Nurses

When the time comes to honor a leader in healthcare, a kind and committed servant to his or her patients, striking the right tone is the key. Naturally, a celebration is in order; some special occasion to mark nurse appreciation with flair. But don’t forget about the gift; that meaningful keepsake that the honoree will always keep, and always remember. An engraved piece of crystal is an effortless way to bestow a treasure that can also be personalized. To get you thinking about that all-important inscription, we’ve compiled some lyrical nurse appreciation poems, quotes and plaque wording ideas to get you started.

One moment you might want to mark is the day you gave birth to your child; which is why we’ve pulled together a sample thank you note for doctor and nurse after baby delivery. And for those celebrating that special spring occasion, we’ve also curated sample nurse appreciation week quotes. When you begin to craft a sample nurse appreciation message, remember to keep your heartfelt words of thanks at the center of the note. Whether you incorporate a line of literature or even scripture, just make sure your words ring true. For the true sentimentalists, don’t forget the beautiful “an angel without wings” nurse appreciation poem. It’s sure to make any memento into a memory.

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