Personalized Crystal Graduation Plaques and Gifts

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College Graduation Gift Plaque

$89.99 - $149.99 $69.99 - $129.99

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Inspire the new graduate in your life with this beautifully designed Graduation Gift Plaque. With subtle touches of spirituality and patriotism, this piece is versatile and can be personalized to make a perfect graduation gift idea for him or her.

Christian Graduation Gift Plaque

$119.99 - $179.99

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This beautiful reflective book, unfurled and frosted with praying hands is the perfect Christian Graduation Gift Plaque. The Christian Graduation Gift Plaque can be personalized with elegant inscription to honor the commencement and seal the memory.

Graduation Thank You Gift for Parents

$89.99 - $159.99

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Sleek and self-supporting, the Graduation Thank You Gift Plaque lets the graduate honor the people in his or her life. Say “thank you” to your parents, grandparents, or spouse with this beautifully and personalized Graduation Thank You Gift.

Graduation Gift For Son/Daughter

$109.99 - $179.99

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A perfect college graduation gift for son or graduation gift for daughter, this piece is sure to impress. Our stunning Graduation Gifts For Daughter and Son are sure to delight the loved one in your life who’s about to cross the stage for commencement.

Class of 2019 Graduation Gift Plaque

$109.99 - $169.99

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If you’re looking for graduation gift ideas for the Class of 2019 Graduate, consider this beautiful graduation gift plaque. A blend of clear optical crystal and beautiful blue glass, this Graduation Gift Plaque is sure to charm the graduate.

Religious Graduation Gift Plaque

$109.99 - $149.99

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The stunning design of the Religious Graduation Gift Plaque sets this piece apart from all the rest. The crystal cross, detailed intricately and with painstaking care, is the perfect Christian graduation gift for daughter, son or any of your loved ones.

College Graduation Gift for Daughter

$99.99 - $169.99

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With commencement fast approaching, it’s important to secure a beautiful, meaningful Graduation Gift for Daughter. Our reflective, rectangular plaque can be detailed and personalized to make the piece a perfect graduation gift for daughter.

Nursing School Graduation Gift

$89.99 - $159.99

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Round, bold and sparkling with natural light, the Nursing School Graduation Gift is the perfect way to celebrate the major milestone of nursing school graduation.

Nurse Graduation Gift Plaque


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The graceful peak of the cathedral shaped plaque is a beautiful way to celebrate commencement for someone who’s completed nursing school. The Nurse Graduation Gift Plaque can also be personalized to honor a friend or loved one with custom detail.

Lawyer Graduation Gift

$139.99 - $199.99

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The regal pillars and scales of justice are design details that bring this gorgeous Lawyer Graduation Gift to life. An ideal law school graduation gift for son, it’s a piece every newly minted attorney should have in his or her office.

Law School Graduation Gift Plaque

$89.99 - $179.99

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Cut boldly and made with the highest caliber optical crystal, the Law School Graduation Gift is easy to personalize. Add a law school graduation quote or message with ease to make this law school graduation gift personal.