Teacher Recognition Gifts: Custom Award Plaques

Teacher recognition should be marked with something of true value, and DIY Awards’ personalized teacher award plaques are the perfect way to recognized teachers for their dedication and achievements. 

Browse through our online selection of the most exceptional teacher trophies to find the perfect one for the instructor, professor or mentor in your life. 

Featured Award Plaques

#539 Circle Educator Award Plaque

Circle Educator Award Plaque

$139.99 - $179.99
The Circle Educator Award Plaque is stunning and can be made as unique as the educator it honors. If you’re trying to find the perfect teacher recognition ideas and come up with a teacher award plaque that will stand the test of time, look no further.
#045 Star Best Teacher Award Tower

Star Best Teacher Award Tower

$189.99 - $309.99
For that teacher who makes a difference in students' lives, this Star Best Teacher Award Trophy is sure to impress. This Best Teacher Award recognizes and honors stars of the profession for going above and beyond the classroom.
#275 Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year Award

$139.99 - $199.99
The most frequently used teacher award program, "Teacher of the Year" awards honor best teachers for their dedication to teaching. Add your own design touch to make this teacher recognition plaque an unique "Teacher of the Year" award.
Sale #184 Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching Excellence Award Plaque

$169.99 - $219.99 $159.99 - $209.99
If you are looking for teacher recognition award ideas, this Teaching Excellence Award Plaque is exactly what you are looking for. The star accents make it a perfect choice for Teacher Excellence Award, or "Teacher of the Year" Award.
#052 Teacher Award of Excellence

Teacher Award of Excellence Obelisk

$149.99 - $199.99
Searching for teacher recognition award trophies? Look no further. The Teacher Award of Excellence trophy celebrates exceptional achievement in the field of education by recognizing those inspirational teachers for their dedication.
#118 Zenith Teacher Achievement Award
Teacher Achievement Award highlights and celebrates outstanding achievements of an educator. Teacher recognition quotes or teacher recognition poems would fit beautifully on this Teacher Achievement Award Trophy.
#538 Special Teacher Recognition Plaque

Special Teacher Recognition Plaque

$169.99 - $249.99
Those searching for teacher recognition award ideas should consider the beautifully designed Special Teacher Recognition Plaque. Cut to resemble a book, this teacher award plaque can be engraved with any message fit for a best teacher recognition award.

Recognize a Fantastic Teacher Any Time of Year

Teachers shouldn’t only be remembered during the holidays or when the time comes to celebrate retirement. True leaders in the classroom should be heralded as their careers unfold. That provides motivation and incentive to keep charging forward as an innovative educator, and also inspires that standout teacher’s peers to elevate their methods.

Consider how moving it will be for an educator to be honored with something as beautiful as a 100 percent optical crystal teacher recognition award plaque like those offered here. Our custom crystal teacher recognition awards are genuinely one-of-a-kind. There are so many designs available, and you can play designer yourself by adding color, a school logo or any styling you feel will enhance the plaque.

What Makes Optical Crystal Award Trophies Stand Out

You will quickly notice that our awards, plaques and trophies look spectacular online. They are even more stunning in person thanks to our choice of material — optical crystal

What makes optical crystal the ideal choice for high-end teacher trophies? Unlike acrylics, glass or plastic, optical crystal holds its clear coloring for life — it never yellows or cracks. Consequently, your favorite teacher can proudly display a "best teacher" award trophy for decades without the trophy losing a bit of shimmer.

Additionally, optical crystal playfully refracts sunlight and artificial light, creating a warm, natural glow. When placed on a desk, bookshelf or other display, an optical crystal teacher trophy demands attention. Recipients love to proudly show them off in their classrooms or offices.

Give Your Teacher Award Trophy a Colorfill Advantage

To make your teacher recognition award stand out even more, you may want to add colorfill to the optical crystal plaque. For a nominal additional fee, our team will color in the engraved surfaces of your plaque, such as lines of text or a logo.

Colorfill enhances the appearance of any etchings, bringing more life and character into the overall appearance of the award. Your teacher recipient will love the final product. 

Buy Teacher Trophies for the Top Instructors in Your School or Organization

Do you have an annual event that centers around heralding teachers who have consistently gone above and beyond, both in and out of the classroom? Make sure they know just how important they are by presenting them with solid, substantial trophies made of optical crystal. If you have questions about buying plaques in bulk, please call us to talk about current promotions.

Do you need your teacher award trophy delivered in a few days for an event or special surprise? Let us know by choosing express shipping at checkout. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions along the way.

Explore our full selection of teacher recognition award plaques to start creating yours! We look forward to bringing your trophy visions to life.

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