Welcome Pastor with a Custom Pastor Installation Plaque

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Pastoral Installation Service is a special church service for a newly appointed minister. It is a unique occasion to confirm and celebrate the covenant between a Christian church and a newly called pastor and teacher. It acknowledges the pastor’s responsibilities. It reminds the congregation of their duty to follow their new pastor's lead. You may click here for an excellent outline of order of installation by ELCA.

A Pastor's installation service is an important event for both the pastor and his or her congregation. A personalized pastor installation gift gives a warm welcome to the new pastor and shows great support from the congregation. Here are some unique gift ideas to commemorate such a memorable occasion and offer blessings & prayers over the new pastor.

Pastoral Installation Plaque

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Looking for a unique gift to celebrate the order of Pastor Installation Service? This gorgeous “Installation Plaque” is the perfect gift idea to cap this new chapter for both the pastor and the congregation.

Cathedral Pastor Installation Gift


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This Cathedral Pastor Installation Gift is as stunning as it is meaningful. If you’re sorting through sample pastor installation gift ideas, sort no further! You’ve found the one in this beautifully put together remembrance.

Bible Pastor Installation Gift

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An ideal pastor installation gift to welcome the newly installed Minister. This pastor installation gift plaque cut in the shape of a bible is heart-warming and prime for inscription. The Bible Pastor Installation Gift is well-designed and versatile too!

Gift Cross for Pastor Installation

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Those looking for congratulation gift ideas for pastoral installation will be delighted with this Gift Cross. A long-standing symbol of faithful devotion, this Pastor Installation Cross is the perfect welcome gift for a new minister.

Pastor Installation Gift Plaque

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This magnificent Pastor Installation Gift Plaque commemorates the day of the covenant between a local church and a newly called pastor. A perfect welcome gift for a newly installed minister, this piece is the remembrance that will be on proud display.

Installation marks the beginning of the pastor’s ministry in a particular church. When a pastor takes over the leadership of a congregation, the church usually plans a special ceremony, called an installation service, to celebrate a new chapter in a congregation’s life and welcome the new minister. Although the specifics may vary among different congregations, key elements remain the same:

  • Pastor Installation Invitation
    Designing the invitation is an honorable job, and one that needs to be done right to ensure members of the congregation are encouraged to come. Here are some Pastor Installation Invitation wording sample and guidelines for your reference.
  • Charge to Pastor
    A moderator, board member, elder or other member of the church or denomination provides a charge to the pastor as a reminder of his responsibilities. This can include the reading of Scripture passages and encouraging Bible Verse that concern those responsibilities.
  • Pastor Installation Prayers
    One of the consistent elements of installation involves Pastor Installation Prayers. The message of most prayers geared to honor installation offer support to a new pastor, elder or minister. These installation prayers ask for guidance and blessings for the individual being installed.