Appreciation Plaque Wording Ideas

You can show off the value of your employees by presenting them with an appreciation plaque they'll admire for years to come. Plaques are great for building camaraderie within a company and drawing traffic and increasing profits. For example, a customer may walk into a bank and spot a blue crystal employee appreciation plaque on a teller's desk. The award alone may draw that customer in and reassure them they are receiving exceptional and reliable service. Appreciation awards can advertise the beneficial value of a product or service.

Customers are often more willing to pay extra premiums if they believe they are receiving a superior service by a revered employee. Achievement tokens such as crystal glass awards or certificate plaques may reinforce your client's belief that they are getting an exceptional service or product.

Wording Ideas, Sayings, Examples & Quotes of Appreciation

Appreciation, sales and leadership awards play a significant role in employee motivation, increasing profits and building consumer confidence in a particular brand. To motivate employees, business owners offer incentives such as gift cards, programs or meaningful recognition or certificate gifts. Studies show employees often spend monetary gifts and forget about the award or the reason it was granted. With memorable desk accessories, however, such as crystal plaque awards, employees are more likely to remember their achievements and remain inspired to work hard.

An appreciation award with careful wording offers even more value when it's set out on a desk or put in plain view of customers and other employees. When showcased to the public, stone and marble plaques and awards add value to a company and its employees by reminding them daily of the importance of their loyalty and discipline. Popular categories of corporate awards include sales, performance, recognition, achievement, appreciation and best in quality.

When presenting an appreciation crystal plaque, encourage employees to flaunt it for the entire office or workforce to see. The award will also attract your client's attention. At DIY Awards, we understand the value of commemorating and cherishing an employee with a special award. We offer both pre-designed and customizable award options to help you choose the best wording and logo designs for your valued staff member.

Employee Appreciation Plaque Wording

With Our Greatest

We Hereby Present
A Dedicated Employee

With This Award in Recognition for Your
Ongoing Commitment and Dedicated Service

If you are searching for a thoughtful gift to say thank you and show your appreciation, this exquisite circle-shaped crystal appreciation award plaque is ideal for any occasions. From employee appreciation to holiday celebrations, this crystal thank you plaques is a great way to let the recipient know how much they are appreciated.

Employee Service Appreciation Plaque Wording Idea


In Sincere Appreciation For Your Years of
Committed and Dedicated Service
that Contributed to Our Success

You Make A Difference

Are you searching for a meaningful gift to celebrate an employee's milestone work anniversary? This crystal flame employee service appreciation award, with years of service highlighted within a shinning gold star, is a thoughtful token to express your appreciation to your loyal employee for years of dedication and outstanding services.

Sample Employee Thank You Plaque Wording

With Our Greatest Appreciation

Recipient Name

We hereby present you with this award
in recognition for your ongoing commitment
and twenty years of dedicated service
to the HMMA members. 

We appreciate your devotion to us, and
the many years growing our business.
We couldn’t have made it without you!

Thank you!


Co-worker/Manager Farewell Plaque Wording

Thank you for your exceptional
work and dedication throughout
your 30+ years of service. 
You have made a difference
in the lives of so many!

Honoring a Special Coworker

As you move on into the next 
amazing chapter of your life,
know that you will be missed,
know that our very best wishes
and thoughts go with you,
and know that we will never
forget your professional expertise,
mentorship, and your friendship.

Our best wishes go with you!

Boss Appreciation Wording Idea

Thank You! 

A Dedicated Employee

For Your Unwavering Support And 
Unrelenting Guidance That Helped In Leading 
Our Path To Success. You Are Being Honored 
With Much Appreciation And Gratitude.

Looking for a unique recognition and appreciation award plaque to recognize employees for their dedication and commitment? This circular-shaped crystal awards plaque can be personalized with your own appreciation message and company logo to thank employees for their contribution to the company’s success.

Thank You Message for Departing Board Member

Thank You!

A testimonial of sincere
appreciation presented to

A True Leader On Your Departure

In honor and with deep appreciation
of the distinguished and unselfish
service given to the Association while
serving with outstanding leadership,
vision and ability as president of
Purdue Korean Association

Show your appreciation for the outgoing board member with this elegantly designed crystal plaque engraved with heartwarming farewell messages

Manager/Supervisor Appreciation Plaque Wording


Presented to
Our Manager/Mentor

Thank you for all you do, for who you are,
We will be forever grateful you are in our lives. 
You have made such an impact on all of us.

A perfect appreciation gift to show your gratitude to the supervisor, manager or mentor who has guide you and shape you into who you are today. This boss/supervisor appreciation gift plaque is made with high quality crystal, personalized it with your heartfelt thank you message to show your boss, manager or mentor that that they are making a difference in your life!

Fundraising Sponsor / Donor Appreciation Message

With this award in recognition for
continued sponsorship and support.
Your generosity has been
instrumental in making a difference.
 For this, we humbly say, 

Thank You.

With the artistically designed "Thank You", this flame shaped crystal award plaque make a strong statement in expressing your gratitude to the generous and selfless donors and sponsors.

Pastor Appreciation Award Plaque Wording Idea

Upon your Retirement

In Honor of a Special Co-worker and Friend

A warm thanks for your humble leadership 
and dedicated service over the past years.
We want you to know how much we
appreciate you and all you have done.

Now, as a new day dawns on the next chapter
of your life, may God continue to richly
bless and watch over you and your family.
May God grant you peace now and always.

With Love & Gratitude From

Your Friends & Colleague

Happy Retirement


Express your gratitude to your pastor for his guidance and devotion with this sample pastor appreciation award message

Sample Teacher Appreciation Poem

We as a residency have greatly appreciated your time with us. 
We find that you are a patient, kind, knowledgeable preceptor that we trust. You are willing to jump in and help with procedures, take time to listen about difficult patients, and pass along knowledge we did not have. You have confidence in your medical decision making, and in our process. You have trust in us and are a wonderful teacher.

Thank you for being all of this. 
We are grateful for your time and expertise.

With Gratitude

From Medical Residency Graduates

A beautifully designed crystal plaque, engraved with your favorite teacher appreciation poem, is a perfect way to say thank you to our amazing teachers

Sample Military Thank You Notes


In appreciation for your leadership and helping 
us achieve our goals. Your wisdom and dedication 
have been a solid block in our foundation. 

Thank you for your years of dedicated service.

Say a warm and patriotic "Thank You" to U.S. military men and women, honor them for dedicated service and sacrifices, express our gratitude for all they do to protect our freedoms at home.

Custom Crystal Appreciation Plaque

Engraving a warm and personal appreciation message on something like crystal appreciation plaque is a powerful and meaningful way to say "Thank You". Appreciation wordings come from the heart, but sometimes it's difficult to put them down on paper. If you're stuck trying to craft the perfect appreciation plaque wording idea, it's important to keep this basic rule in mind - simple and sincere is better.

Use the above examples of appreciation wording ideas as a guide. These heartwarming appreciation messages are sure to make anyone's day that much brighter.

Crystal appreciation plaques are made out of the clearest crystal and feature deep-etched engravings and hand-painted coloring. If you choose to customize your own plaque after perusing our award wording examples, you can change the wording, quotes or text at no additional charge! Designs and logos are also entirely customizable for no additional fee. DIY Awards provides top of the line crystal, excellent customer service and fast turn around times. We've supplied hundreds of clients with the following:

  • Police plaques
  • Sales awards
  • Pastor gifts
  • Corporate recognition awards
  • Retirement awards
  • Years of service awards
  • Teacher appreciation awards

Today, finding — and even keeping — employees is more critical than ever. Companies that distribute acrylic plaques, appreciation awards and other incentive programs experience greater customer loyalty, increased revenues and heightened employee productivity. Although all companies and individuals vary, the one motivational tool most valued by employees is appreciation.

Get started on your appreciation plaque award today or browse our customizable award examples. Our pre-designed titles, quotes and logo ideas can spark your imagination about how to make your exceptional employee feel cherished and valued. Whether you want to express admiration for a boss, manager or fellow employee, the sky's the limit with high-quality plaques from DIY Awards.

What sets DIY Awards apart from any other awards company is that we offer completely customizable services. All you have to do is choose a style and then personalize your message, design and color preferences. Our design team is only a phone call away to help with wording or quote ideas, titles or specialized emblems for your valued employee. You can also display your unique company name on our custom made crystal plaques if you choose.

Contact us today or call us at 1-800-810-1216, and our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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