Discount Crystal Plaques

Crystal plaques and trophies are the perfect symbols for showing someone you appreciate their work, from celebrating years of service to recognizing an impressive sales year to saying "thank you" to a nurse or firefighter who went above and beyond in the line of duty. Custom crystal plaques are one of the most impressive and memorable awards you can give to someone special.

At DIY Awards, you have the ability to design custom crystal awards and trophies in nearly any shape, size or color you can think of. With our wide selection of discount awards, the only limit to creating a gorgeous and personal appreciation award is your imagination.

DIY Awards can create any type of crystal award imaginable with our outstanding customization tool, personalization options and fast delivery times nationwide. With our detailed guidance and one-of-a-kind crystal plaque solutions to meet your exact specifications and messaging, our awards are always the perfect touch. Give your next celebration some personal flair with some of our most popular crystal plaque designs found in our markdown section.

Sale #001 Circle Years of Service Award Plaque

Circle Years of Service Award Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
The Circle Years of Service Award Plaque is characterized by its simple, classy design and the refined flowing lines in the middle. This crystal years of service award is designed to honor five years of service, but can be personalized for any timeframe, name and company.
Sale #249 Employee of the Year Award

Star Employee of the Year Award

$169.99 - $219.99 $159.99 - $209.99
Consider honoring your most valued employee with our cleverly designed, textured Employee of the Year award trophy. The three-dimensional piece is the perfect choice for employees who go above and beyond.
Sale #676 Crystal Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque

Crystal Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque

$159.99 - $209.99 $149.99 - $199.99
The stunning design of this Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque makes this award trophy one of a kind. This crystal trophy is designed to resemble a mountain peak. Present this Pinnacle Sales Award to honor a salesperson who has climbed the mountain of achievement.
Sale #451 Boss Appreciation Day Gift

Boss Appreciation Day Gift

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
To honor the boss who always stands up for what's right, you can't go wrong with this Boss Appreciation Day Gift. The stunning design on this crystal circle plaque is sure to make this a great gift idea for boss.
Sale #055 Best Distributor Award Plaque

Wave Distributor Excellence Award

$169.99 - $219.99 $159.99 - $209.99
With its unique styling, the Crystal Drive award plaque is an excellent award trophy plaque to honor top distributors for growth and sales achievement. The dynamic design of the Best Distributor Award Plaque is fitting for the honor it is highlighting.
Sale #013 Peak Award of Excellence

Peak Award of Excellence

$159.99 - $209.99 $149.99 - $199.99
Unique in its design, the crystal Peak Award of Excellence plaque is a memorable way to commend outstanding performance and show appreciation for an employee's hard work. Personalize it your way and make this employee recognition plaque as special as the person you're honoring.
Sale #160 Circle Appreciation Plaque

Circle Appreciation Award Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
Accented beautifully by the classic scroll design in the background, this appreciation award plaque offers you ample personalization space to express your appreciation to a special individual.
Sale #348 Circle Teacher Appreciation Gift

Circle Teacher Appreciation Gift

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
If you are searching for teacher appreciation gift ideas, this exquisitely designed Teacher Appreciation Gift is exactly what you're looking for. It is elegant, beautifully made and can be customized for any honoree - Principal, teacher, or coach. Looking for the perfect teacher appreciation gift? This quality designed plaque may just be your fit! It's elegant design makes it a crowd-pleaser.
Sale #184 Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching Excellence Award Plaque

$169.99 - $219.99 $159.99 - $209.99
If you are looking for teacher recognition award ideas, this Teaching Excellence Award Plaque is exactly what you are looking for. The star accents make it a perfect choice for Teacher Excellence Award, or "Teacher of the Year" Award.
Sale #525 Great Teacher Appreciation Gift

Star Teacher Appreciation Gift Plaque

$169.99 - $219.99 $159.99 - $209.99
There's just something about this sleek, well-made teacher appreciation gift. Our Great Teacher Appreciation Gift with its blue crystal accent star says big thank you to the special teacher in your life. Has a teacher gone above and beyond their basic classroom duties? If so, this gift is the perfect way to express your gratitude.
Sale #589 College Graduation Gift Plaque

Circle College Graduation Gift Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
Inspire the new graduate in your life with this beautifully designed Graduation Gift Plaque. With subtle touches of spirituality and patriotism, this piece is versatile and can be personalized to make a perfect graduation gift idea for him or her.
Sale #701 Firefighter Appreciation Day Gift Plaque

Circle Firefighter Appreciation Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
Say thank you to the men and women who have performed an act of valor and heroism with our Firefighter Appreciation Day Gift Plaque. The stars and stripes pattern make this Firefighter Appreciation Gift Plaque a perfect way to show your gratitude.

Celebrate a Job Well Done On a Budget With DIY Awards' On Sale Award Selection

Sometimes more than just a simple “thank you” is needed when recognizing a job completed above and beyond expectations. A crystal plaque is the perfect solution for showing your appreciation and creating a lasting, positive impression for the recipient.

We can create a wide variety of distinct, customized crystal plaques and trophies tailored to your exact needs. Our designers use the most cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques and materials, including top-quality crystal and deep-etch engravings to create attractive finishes and exceed your highest expectations. Every crystal award is completed with intricate hand-painted finishes for a truly stunning look.

Types of Custom Crystal Plaques From DIY Awards

Being awarded with a custom, elegant crystal plaque is sure to bring joy to your best employees. The discounted crystal awards at DIY Awards provide a versatile and unique way to add meaning and personalization to your plaques while also encouraging employee productivity and growth and promoting a more positive work environment. At DIY Awards, we can transform a simple discount award into a striking piece of art.

Our discount crystal plaques are available in several different styles, including:

  • Service awards: It can be challenging to find an employee or co-worker who is loyal and dedicated. A crystal service award is a great way to show you value their efforts.
  • Appreciation awards: Whether you’re telling your boss you appreciate their guidance or are recognizing the hard work of an employee, nurse, firefighter or police officer, a crystal plaque is a perfect and thoughtful gift.
  • Anniversary awards: Commemorate years of hard work and commitment with a personalized crystal plaque.

Show Someone You Care With a DIY Awards Discount Crystal Plaque

With DIY Awards as your trusted award design company, buying elegant and unique crystal awards is easy. Our team of experienced and creative plaque design experts is happy to work with you to find the right plaque shapes, styles, colors and messaging to suit your professional needs and expectations. With years of industry experience, we’re confident we can help you design the right type of discount crystal plaque to commemorate your special occasion.

Check out our wide selection of markdown awards today. For help designing an award for someone special, call us today at (800) 810-1216 or complete our online contact form.

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