Gift Plaques & Customized Crystal Awards for Firefighters

Custom Awards for Firefighters 

When you need a high-quality, sophisticated award to recognize a special firefighter in your life, look no further than DIY Awards. All of our crystal plaques are made from the finest crystal and feature deep-etch engraving and hand-painted logos and text. Honor those everyday heroes and heroines who risk their lives with a Custom Award for a Firefighter. 

Featured Award Plaques

Sale #701 Firefighter Appreciation Day Gift Plaque

Circle Firefighter Appreciation Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
Say thank you to the men and women who have performed an act of valor and heroism with our Firefighter Appreciation Day Gift Plaque. The stars and stripes pattern make this Firefighter Appreciation Gift Plaque a perfect way to show your gratitude.

Religious Firefighter Thank You Gift

$139.99 - $229.99
Etched with Maltese Cross - the badge of the firefighter, and Bible Verse Isaiah 43:2, this Religious Firefighter Appreciation Gift Plaque is a great way to say thank you to firefighters who are the everyday heroes across America.
Honor an act of valor and heroism with this beautiful Crystal Flame Firefighter Valor Award. Resembling the shape of the flame, this Firefighter Valor Award Plaque is perfect to recognize the dedication to the duty displayed in saving a human life.

Firefighter Life Saving Valor Award

$139.99 - $259.99
Firefighter Life Saving Valor Award recognizes acts of courage to rescue a victim and ensure both civilian and firefighter safety. With stars and stripes etched on the back, this Crystal Shield plaque is perfect for any firefighter recognition award.
#697 Firefighter Achievement Award Plaque

Flame Firefighter Recognition Award

$149.99 - $219.99
Honor the volunteer firefighter for the remarkable achievements in the fire service and exemplify contribution to the community with our Volunteer Firefighter Achievement Award. This flame-shaped crystal award plaque is perfect to inspire excellence.

Wedge Fire Chief Retirement Plaque

$129.99 - $229.99
A unique farewell gift for your fellow retiring firefighters. With "10-42" end of duty etched on top and the time-honored Maltese Cross proudly presented, this Deputy Fire Chief Retirement Gift Plaque is more than a gift, it a memory in the making.

Flag Fireman Retirement Award Plaque

$149.99 - $309.99
Nothing honors a retiring firefighter more than this unique Fire Department Retirement Award Plaque, made especially for them. A personal congratulations message will ensure the retiring Fire Chief knows that they will be truly missed for years to come.
Wish the retiring firefighter a smooth sailing into retirement with this Firefighter Sailboat Retirement Gift Plaque. After years of selfless service, this firefighter retirement award serves as a reminder of all that has come before, and all that lies ah
Honor a Retiring Firefighter with this gorgeous Thin Red Line Firefighter Retirement Award. The crystal top, detailed with the Thin Red Line Emblem and the Stars and Stripes, this award plaque is the ideal way to celebrate firefighter retirement.

Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque

$139.99 - $239.99
The stars and stripes frosted onto the crystal set the tone of this unique Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque. This Fire Academy Graduation Gift Plaque can be easily adapted as a gift to honor your upcoming FDNY, LAFD or any fire academy graduate.

Star Firefighter Recognition Plaque

$189.99 - $299.99
Recognize the volunteer or career firefighters who are being acknowledged for courage, commitment or long services with this Crystal Star Firefighter Recognition Award. Say thank you to the fireman who put their own lives at risk to protect yours.
Firefighter Excellence Awards are awarded to a Fire Department member who has performed outstanding service to the Department or to the public safety of the community. Honor bravery & dedication with this stunning Firefighter Excellence Award plaque.

Custom Fire Department Plaques From DIY Awards 

Do you want to invest in an award that truly stands out? Customizable crystal plaques are beautiful, elegant and can feature logos, heartfelt quotes and other wording ideas personalized for the Fire Rescue serviceman or woman. 

At DIY Awards, we offer a unique online customization tool unlike any other online award site. You can change the wording or text on any fire department plaque at no additional charge. You can also add a logo or design, or even add a phrase or quote that's entirely your own. You can completely customize your firefighter crystal plaque from font to positioning and receive your award within three business days with rush service. 

Other benefits of choosing DIY Awards include:

  • We offer a large number of design options for each occasion, whether you want to celebrate a firefighter's retirement or simply show your appreciation.
  • Our team of representatives is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you may have about award customization, delivery time, phrasing ideas and more.
  • We only use high-quality optical crystal for all awards and plaques.
  • We offer a wide selection of beautiful, customizable fire department plaques for those who have walked the Thin Red Line in service to others. 
  • Our team offers fast production and delivery on every purchase. 

Show Your Appreciation & Gratitude for a First Responder

Firefighter award plaques at DIY Awards come in all varieties, shapes, sizes and designs. Whether you want an award plaque geared more towards years of service, retirement or other milestones, we have the custom fire department plaque for you.

We offer:

Station information, tenure and logos can be added to any Custom Award for a Firefighter. Our personalized gifts for Firefighter Appreciation Day are sure to be the focal point of any celebration. Optical crystal firefighter award plaques from DIY Awards are sturdy, elegant and can be made as unique as the brave men and women receiving them.

Customize an Award for a Firefighter Today

While all gifts are meaningful in some way, a beautiful plaque displaying a personally crafted message is one of the most genuine awards you can give. Turn any employee recognition event into a treasured memory with a custom fire department plaque from DIY Awards.

Contact us today for more information or feel free to browse our appreciation and recognition phrasing ideas for inspiration. Our sales representatives are available at any time to answer your questions.

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