Pastor Wife Appreciation Plaque

Pastor Wife Appreciation Plaque

Tribute to Pastor's Wife: Honoring Our Pastor's Wife

We Honor you this day to show our appreciation
for all of your hard work and dedication.
Being our First Lady is a Blessing that is not unspoken.
Best Wishes on First Lady Appreciation Day: May God continue to Bless and Keep you standing
in the gap for our Beloved Pastor, because behind
every good man there is a good woman.

We Love You!
Mother's Day Gift for First Lady

Mother's Day Gift for First Lady

Happy Mother's Day Wishes for Pastor's Wife:

New Season Christian Worship Center

Honoring Our Beloved First Lady

As we celebrate this holiday for all mothers,
may the peace, beauty, and grace of this
special day brighten and fill your life.
Sunday, May 8, 2016 

You are a great role model for all mothers!

Bible Scriptures to Honor Pastor's Wife:

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sample 10th Ministry Anniversary Gift Plaque

Sample 10th Ministry Anniversary Gift Plaque

Pastor Anniversary Congratulation Message:

New Season Christian Worship Center

Honoring Our Beloved Reverend
Upon Your 10th Ministry Anniversary

Bible Scripture to Honor A Female Pastor: “God is in the midst of her, and she will not be moved” 
 - Psalms 46:5
Distinctive Woman of God Appreciation Message:

A Distinctive woman of God is a woman of
strong faith, courage, talent, knowledge, discipline, and prayer. 
Our Distinctive Woman of God is Rev. Margaret Platt!

We Love You!

Are you searching for a sincere, special way to offer appreciation to an often-overlooked member of your church community? As the backbone of your religious community, your pastor’s wife plays an important role in all aspects of the church — and the pastor’s duties. When he gives his sermons, she is there to support and inspire him. When he organizes social gatherings or prayer groups, she is there to lead and offer love with him. She is present for confirmations and weddings, church events and personal calls.

While working mostly behind the scenes, the pastor's wife is an integral part of your church leadership team, giving her husband the strength, support and encouragement he needs to fulfill the call of God. Doesn’t she deserve to be recognized for the strong part she plays in your church community? When you’re looking for a lovely way to thank her, a pastor’s wife appreciation gift will show her you’re grateful.

Designed especially for a godly woman, our crystal plaque for a pastor’s wife is perfect for any occasion. In the shape of an open Bible, it represents the way the wife’s arms are open to God and everyone in your congregation. The crystal reflects purity, and the text inscribed in the center is your choice. Whether you are celebrating her anniversary with the church or simply remembering how much she does for the community, this plaque is a meaningful memento she will cherish.

At DIY Awards, we offer you a classy, customizable way to show you care with a high-quality crystal plaque. Expressing love and admiration, our beautiful plaque offers a sample message — but with our online tool, you can customize this piece any way you’d like to express the sentiments that matter most to you. Purchase a pastor’s wife appreciation gift online today. You’ll receive your order within three business days when you choose our Rush shipping at checkout.

They got my order to me very quickly…
Philadelphia, PA
November 24, 2023

They got my order to me very quickly and it looked AMAZING! Very good quality!
Burlington, KY
February 23, 2022
It was beautiful
April 7, 2021
Thank you so much it arrived on time and my First Lady love it 🥰
Easy to order and fast shipping
Bronx, NY
November 18, 2020
Easy to order and fast shipping

Easy to order and fast shipping, plaque arrived a week before scheduled date of delivery, beautiful
The awards are beautiful!!
October 13, 2020
Our " 1st Lady" will love this

The awards are beautiful!!! Love each one of them! I'm glad they were so well protected in their individual boxes because the main box that some were shipped in was smashed and opened. You could see the styrofoam peanuts.
There was all kinds of tape around the whole box.
The plaque was nice and wonderfully…
Houston, TX
January 2, 2020
Beautifully made

The plaque was nice and wonderfully made they did an excellent job in creating what I needed. Definitely will use them again.
July 9, 2019
I loved Both plaques!

Couldn’t be any better. Thank you for great service. I highly recommend it.
Richardson, TX
April 9, 2019
Quality and workmanship beyond my expectations !
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