Retirement Plaque Wording Ideas & Examples

If coming up with wording for a retirement plaque seems a little daunting, you're not alone. After all, crystal plaques may remain in a retiree's home for years to come. Trying to create award ideas that sum up someone's career with one quote or phrase is not an easy task. Luckily, companies that specialize in retirement plaque wording can help.

Quotes, Wordings & Sayings

A personalized retirement award plaque combines sincerity with elegance in a way that shows appreciation and gratitude for a favored employee. Our awards are made from pristine crystal and can be personalized to display company names, specific dates or even nicknames. You can also choose from our colorfill personalized option — whether it's green crystal text or a multiple-colored logo — to make any specific wording stand out.

"A time to look back" Retirement Quote

In Honor of Your Service

To a Special Friend & Colleague

Retired with distinction from
Allen Bete Realtor, Inc.
after 25 years of excellence
on the 5th of May, 2017.

A time to look back with admiration...
A time to look forward with anticipation.

A well-choosen retirement quote or message sends best wishes to your retiring Coworker. The etched flowers make this a perfect retirement gift for woman.

"You can finally enjoy the view" Retirement Quote

16 Years of Excellence

Presented to a Special Colleague

In sincere gratitude for the
compassion, guidance,
and outstanding leadership
you've provided to all of us
over the last 16 years.

"After climbing the Mountain,
You can finally Enjoy the View."

For that devoted employee, he/she deserves a special retirement ceremony and a special retirement plaque to recognize all his/her contributions to the company and wish him/her best for all the joy a happy retirement brings.

Employee Retirement Wording with Bible Verse & Prayers

Happy Retirement!

To a Special Friend and Colleague

Your retirement leaves a great big gap
In all our lives and hearts,
A workplace is never quite the same
When someone like you departs.

“For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you
hope and a future.”  - Jeremiah 29:11

May our Savior bless you with good
health and enrich your retirement life
with happiness and pride in your
future endeavors.

Thank you for 30 years of valued service

For your retiring employee with particular religious belief, this timeless retirement plaque with a bible verse from Jeremiah makes a sentimental retirement gift.

Appreciation of Service Wording Idea

Congratulations On Your Retirement

In honor of a dear Friend & Colleague

Thank you for your 18 years of
loyal and dedicated service!

Your commitment to delivering
excellent customer service is
second to none and you have left
an excellent impression with your
peers and your customers.

Here’s to your impressive career.
We can’t imagine working without you!
You will be missed.

Devoted employees deserve a special crystal plaque to recognize all their hard work and loyalty to the company. Bid your farewell to a longtime employee, colleague and friend with this unique employee retirement gift plaque. Crafted from the highest-quality 100% optical crystal, this custom wave shaped retirement award plaque makes a perfect business retirement gift to give the retired employee and coworker a lasting symbol of recognition for their career achievements.

Smooth Sailing Retirement Wording

Honor a Special Coworker

In Recognition For Many Years Of
Outstanding Service to AT&T.

Your commitment will truly be missed!
Your shoes will not be filled very easily.
Your shining spirit will never be matched.

We wish you smooth sailing on your new
adventure with much respect and gratitude.

Your retirement is truly deserved
with a job well done.

Aloha our friend.

Congratulations On Your Retirement!

The unique Sailboat Retirement Award design symbolizes the beginning of a new journey of the retiree's life. Wish your retiring employee a peaceful and joyous journey.

Coach Retirement Gift Plaque Wording Idea

Proudly Honoring
A Very Special Head Coach

In Great Appreciation For Your Decades Of Dedication,
Sacrifice and Commitment. Thanks For Shaping
So Many Lives And Providing Priceless Memories!

It Is One Thing To Be A Coach, Another Thing
To Be A Mentor, But A Completely Different Thing

You Are the Difference

Honor that truly great coach in your life with this elegantly designed crystal circular shaped coach appreciation gift plaque. Decorated with laurel wreath, a symbol for victory, and customized with your heartfelt coach thank you notes and a good coach appreciation quote, this crystal coach appreciation plaque is a great end of season or retirement gift for your coach.

Military Farewell Message and Wording

Presented to a Special Military Police

For a man of principles that truly lived the Army Values.
Your selfless service has made a difference in the lives of many.
We will never forget your personal courage to do what’s right.
Thank you for your loyal and honorable service to your Country!


You will always be remembered for
your hard work and dedication to your fellow
Soldiers. This plaque represents your loyalty
and meritorious service while assigned to the
Fort Duncan Military Company.
We wish you the best in your future endeavors,
you will be greatly missed. - 1st Squad


Engrave your personalized military farewell message on this beautiful crystal military retirement plaque to show gratitude to those who have served our country

Air force Retirement Plaque Wording Idea

Presented to a Retired Airman

For it has been said so truthfully that it is the airman, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the airman, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the airman, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest. It is the airman who salutes the flag, serves beneath the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag, who gives that protester the freedom to abuse and burn that flag.

Military Service Record

We Wish You all the Best in Your Retirement!

"Life Begins at Retirement" Retirement Quote and Wording Ideas

Life Begins at Retirement

Honoring a Coworker

Words cannot properly express 
our gratitude for your contributions
and the wisdom you brought to our daily lives.

Have fun. Enjoy the years that lie ahead.
Open your arms to all the delight -
of flowers and music, every lovely thing.

Be brave. Be curious.
Discover a wider world.

A heartwarming retirement message to congratulate and recognize your friend & coworker on their retirement

Retirement Congratulations Wording Ideas


A Special Friend and Colleague

All good things come to an end.
So is true for the marvelous and memorable
contributions you made to the company.
Wishing you a triumphant, delightful
and wonderful retired life ahead!

Give Without Remembering and
Take Without Forgetting.

Congratulations On Your Retirement!

A valuable employee and a dear colleague is getting ready to retire? Wish them well and send them an unique personalized retirement gifts with special retirement congratulations Quote

"It is also a new beginning" Retirement Best Wishes Message

Best Wishes & Congratulations

In Honor of a special Co-worker

You have been not only a co-worker,
but a friend to many.

Through your hard work and dedication,
you will be remembered as one of the greats.

You will be missed, but we wish nothing but
the best for you on your new adventure.

It may be an ending, a closing,
but it’s also a new beginning.

Retirement is a milestone that signifies the peak of a rewarding career and the beginning of a new chapter. This Pinnacle Retirement Plaque offers a great way to wish that special colleague all the best for a new beginning.

Happy Retirement Wishes for Coworker or Employee


Presented to an outstanding colleague

Congratulations on your well
deserved retirement after many
years of outstanding service!

In sincere gratitude for the guidance,
and outstanding leadership
you’ve provided to our team and
our customers for so many years

You have set an example to be 
followed in the future and 
cherished by those of us that 
were fortunate enough to have 
experienced it for ourselves.

Wish your employee, coworker, manager, or supervisor a very happy retirement with this elegantly designed happy retirement gift plaque. Your retirement wishes, engraved permanently on this unique and tasteful crystal plaque, will make this retirement gift for your employee or coworker personal and memorable.

Thin Blue Line Police Retirement Wording Idea

Honoring Your Service

Presented to Retired Sergeant

In appreciation for over 31 years
of loyal and dedicated service to
the People of the City of New York. 
We, the members of the NYPD,
present this to you in recognition of
your many years of sacrifice and service.


Once police officers join the force, they are part of a tight-knit law enforcement community. The unique “Forever Family Think Blue Line” clip art re-emphasizes to the retiring officers that they are always part of the family forever, that fellow officers will always be there for them and support them.

Firefighter Retirement Plaque Quotes and Wishes


On Your Retirement

Firefighter (Retired)


Appointed: 4/2/92; Retired: 8/16/18

We, the members of the
Boston Firefighters Local 718,
present this to you in honor of
your dedication and service
for the good of the many.

Personalized Engraved Crystal Retirement Award Plaques for Any Profession

Employees who have stayed at a company long enough to earn a retirement likely have thought about what leaving means for some time. An employee who was loyal and valuable to a company deserves recognition and heartfelt gratitude from the people who have worked alongside them for the better part of their working lives.

Let's face it — in most cases, retirees are dreaming about what they'll do with their free time after they retire rather than pondering the gravity of what leaving means. That's why, as the employee giving the gift, you should make your coworker's last impression of your workplace or company an enjoyable one. Throw a fun farewell party and gift your retiree with a meaningful plaque to express your gratitude.

Pairing a laid-back, pleasant atmosphere with a memorable gift is an excellent way to leave a coworker with a positive last impression of the time they spent with you and your fellow employees. Retirement parties should combine your guest of honor's favorite things with some fun, class and humor. Photo displays, memorabilia and some thoughtful gifts may be all you need.

At DIY Awards, we offer retirement plaque awards for any corporate position — boss or employee — along with the following professional retirees:

  • Nurses: With our customizable online tool, you can choose the font, wording or logos that make you think of your unique coworker and the contributions they made to the field.
  • Firefighters: Firefighters often risk their safety for the well-being of others. This selfless profession deserves heartfelt acknowledgment and the utmost appreciation.
  • Pastors: Show your gratitude for your favorite pastor with any dates, logo or emblem you deem worthy.
  • Police officers: Commemorate your coworker's strength, courage and bravery with a personalized police retirement gift.
  • Teachers: For teachers, the work is never done. Show your appreciation with unique quotes or personalized logos.

Plan the celebration with a personalized retirement plaque. A collection of quotes and wishes that you may write to the retiree expressing your feelings at that special moment. Send happy wishes with a personal touch.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~ Mark Twain

Crystal Awards & Retirement Plaque Wording Options

Here at DIY Awards, our talented designers and manufacturers offer some of the most speedy turnaround times in the industry. Design your own high-quality crystal plaque or let us help. Our design experience provides:

  • Ease of use: Our online personalization tool allows you to create a personalized award plaque.
  • Wording inspiration: When you're not sure how to put your emotions into words, check out our various retirement quotes and wishes above that will help you perfectly express your feelings to your special retiree.
  • A variety of color options and designs: Choose a personalized color or contemporary design to make any crystal plaque as memorable and personal as possible.
  • Attention and assistance: Our customer service team responds quickly to your calls and emails — within three rings for phone calls and within a few hours for emails.
  • 100% personalization: From custom wording to personal logos, the sky's the limit for your crystal award plaque at no additional charge.
  • Top-quality: Our crystal is top of the line, superior to a glass retirement plaque. DIY Awards deep-etches all engravings on the most exceptional quality crystal — all with hand-painted colors.
  • No-cost engravings: You do not need to worry about word count or the number of letters on your award. You only pay for the plaque — we do not charge extra for the engravings.

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