Special Recognition Award Plaques for Employees

Employee recognition is essential in that it increases productivity levels, boosts employee satisfaction, generates more revenue and reduces employee turnover. There are many studies showing that employees respond positively to recognition. When staff members feel their work is valued, they're more motivated to maintain or improve productivity levels. 

Dr. Ashley Whillans, a specialist in behavioral science from the Harvard Business School, claims that what really matters in the workplace is showing appreciation toward employees. Luckily, there are several meaningful and effective ways to recognize outstanding individuals for their contributions. 

Featured Award Plaques

#662 Chairman's Award Plaque

Chairman Recognition Award Obelisk

$169.99 - $229.99
The stunning and stylish Chairman’s Award Plaque is perfect to honor excellence, loyalty and longevity. Its sleek design makes it an easy pick for a 2017 Chairman’s Club Award or any other honor.
#663 Flame President's Award

Flame President Award Plaque

$129.99 - $219.99
Invite that special employee into a circle of honor with the bold and expressive Flame President’s Award. Its expansive plaque is perfect for inscription, so you can make this President’s Club appreciation award personal.
#664 Star President's Award

Shining Star President Award Plaque

$189.99 - $299.99
Clear, brilliant crystal crowned by a bright star, our Star President’s Award is a hard formula to beat. This radiantly crafted 2017 President’s Award of Excellence will make the honoree beam with pride.

Custom Employee Recognition Awards at DIY Awards 

All of our crystal awards and corporate plaques are explicitly handmade for your occasion. We believe customizability, beauty and quality are essential when honoring a dedicated employee in the workplace. Our unique online customization tool is unlike any other award site. It allows you to add text, company logos, quotes and other personalized touches to your corporate plaque at no additional charge. 

Other benefits of investing in a corporate plaque from DIY Awards include:

  • Superior quality: Special Recognition Plaques for Employees are made from optical crystal rather than alternatives such as acrylic, jaded glass and lucite.
  • Fast and responsive customer service: Our team answers every call within three rings and emails within a few hours. 
  • Deep-etched engraving: Instead of shallow laser engraving, our design team at DIY Awards offers deep-etched engraving on all crystal awards. 
  • Speedy production and delivery time: With rush shipping, you'll receive your corporate award within three business days. 
  • Large selection of design options: We provide a wide range of design, logo, color and phrasing options so you can find a crystal award that works for you. Alternatively, you can use our ideas as inspiration to create your own unique design.

Types of Corporate Plaques

There is a multitude of creative ways to honor an employee for a job well done. If you want to make your corporate plaque more specific, you can categorize awards and assign specific criteria and names to them. With differentiated employee recognition awards, staffers of all ages and abilities can enjoy regular praise. 

Types of corporate plaques include:

  • Safety crystal awards
  • Executive crystal awards
  • Special event and milestone crystal awards
  • Partner and sponsor crystal awards
  • Sales crystal awards
  • Leadership crystal awards
  • Performance crystal awards
  • Retirement crystal awards
  • And much more!

Present Your Hard-Working Employee With a Special Crystal Award

At DIY Awards, you can custom-design crystal plaques and trophies for various workplace achievements. Whether you want to honor a boss, first-year employee or an individual's work that has truly stood out, we have the corporate plaque for you. Special Recognition Plaques for Employees can encourage staffers to do their very best work while boosting company morale.

Explore our extensive catalog of corporate plaques and special recognition crystal awards, and begin your personalization online today! Our sales representatives are only a phone call away and will help you every step of the way. 

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