Personalized Safety Plaques & Awards

When you're brainstorming a way to make sure everyone is invested in safety, offering a reward can be the extra touch your program needs. Honor employees that demonstrate safety excellence — and motivate more workers to follow — with a personalized safety award plaque.

Featured Award Plaques


Octagon Safety Recognition Plaque

$139.99 - $229.99
Safety recognition is a vital component of any effective workplace safety management program. This stunning and unique Octagon Safety Recognition Plaque is the perfect gift for someone with vision and commitment. Present it to someone in your company with clear safety goals who can proudly display this safety award plaque.
#014 Safety Achievement Award
When you want to promote safety in the workplace, our Safety Achievement Award Trophy is the way to do it. This safety award plaque is elegant and can get customized to congratulate anyone with excellent safety performance records or innovative safety ideas.
#017 Safe Driving Award Plaque

Safe Driving Award Plaque

$129.99 - $229.99
Every company with drivers knows safety needs to be a priority. Show your drivers you care about their safety records by rewarding them with a Safe Driving Award Plaque. You can even personalize the award to make it more special.
#119 Safety Star Award Plaque

Safety Star Award Plaque

$149.99 - $239.99
Don't miss a moment to recognize the star of your company with our Safety Star Award Plaque. This personalized safety award plaque has a blue star on top that adds a unique touch to the gift. Give it to the individuals in your company with top safety standards and records.
#254 Star Safety Recognition Plaque

Star Safety Recognition Plaque

$189.99 - $299.99
The Star Safety Recognition Plaque is the perfect grand prize to recognize safety. Give it to one special honoree at an industry safety award convention or a dinner where you recognize the safest employees in your company.
#504 Safety Goal-Setter Plaque

Safety Goal-Setter Plaque

$199.99 - $259.99
Promoting safety has to start with setting important goals. Our Safety Goal-Setter Plaque is a great way to show your employees how you'll recognize progressive safety milestone achievements. Give this perpetual safety award plaque to someone who shows sufficient progress in meeting their safety goals.

Recognize Exceptional Safety Efforts With a Crystal Safety Incentive Plaque

Searching for an effective way to promote safe practices in the workplace — and reward those who follow them responsibly? Whether you work in an office setting, oversee operations for warehousing or are involved in another profession, safety is an essential element of any workplace. Putting procedures in place is important, but reinforcing and incentivizing them makes even more of a difference.

At DIY Awards, we offer stunning, customizable safety award plaques for every workplace and circumstance. Each award is made of 100% optical crystal, deep-etched with personalized laser engravings and finished with hand-painted detail. Our unique online customization tool lets you easily choose the text, message, name and logo that will make your award perfect for each recipient.

Our friendly team is here to help with any part of the personalization process — from designing your plaque perfectly to choosing the right message for your safety stars. When you choose our rush shipping option, you'll receive your gift in three short days.

Show the people in your workplace how seriously you take safety by offering a crystal safety incentive plaque. Order and customize online from DIY Awards today.

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