Police Retirement Quotes and Plaque Wording Ideas

“The Badge” Law Enforcement Retirement Poem


To: Retiring NYS Police Officer

With Great Honor and Recognition
For Your Loyal and Dedicated Service
To the People of the State of New York

We, Your Friends and “Brothers”,
Present This to You as a Symbol of
A Life Long Friendship.

We Wish You All the Best in Your Retirement!

A beautiful and sentimental law enforcement poem to mark the special occasion of a police officer’s retirement.
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Thin Blue Line Police Retirement Wording Idea

Honoring Your Service

Presented to Retired Sergeant

In appreciation for over 31 years
of loyal and dedicated service to
the People of the City of New York. 
We, the members of the NYPD,
present this to you in recognition of
your many years of sacrifice and service.


Once police officers join the force, they are part of a tight-knit law enforcement community. The unique “Forever Family Think Blue Line” clip art re-emphasizes to the retiring officers that they are always part of the family forever, that fellow officers will always be there for them and support them.
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Police Chief Retirement Wishes and Prayers

Police Chief Retirement Wishes:

Thank You!

Presented To

Our Retiring Police Chief

Best wishes in all your future endeavors.

Police Chief Retirement Religious Quote:

Now, as the day dawns
on the next chapter in your life,
may God’s blessings be upon you
as you follow in His way,
and may you find joy and peace
as He inspires you every day.

This religious prayer and word of encouragement is a great way to honor the retiring police chief and wish him or her all the best for a happy and peaceful retirement life.
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Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Quotes

Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Plaque Wording Idea:

Honoring Years of Dedicated Public Service

To A Retiring DHS Officer / Senior Leader

Thank You!

Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Quote: A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way,
and shows the way. Thank you for all of your
wisdom and help during our adventures together.
Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Message and Wishes:

As we express our gratitude, we must never
forget that the highest appreciation is not
to utter words, but to live by them.
May we live up to your example.


A personalized crystal plaque engraved with a heartwarming message to the retiring law enforcement officer will mean the world to that public servant in your life.
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Police Officer Happy Retirement Message and Wishes

Happy Retirement

Our Police Warriors


We, the Officers of the Hartford Police
Department, thank you for all you have
done for this department over the years!

We enjoy success due to your leadership,
vision, and trust you instill in us!  
We all hope you enjoy your retirement.
Live well and prosper. 

Say farewell to the retiring police warrior who sacrifice family time and safety in the name of duty with the heartfelt happy retirement wishes and tell them they will always be part of the family.
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Police Retirement Thank You Quotes Sayings

Sample Police Retirement Sayings:

In Honor of A Retiring Detective

Thank You for the 28 years you gave
to the New York Police Department.

Police Retirement Thank You Quote:

Your tireless work ethic and
professionalism has set the tone
for the rest of the department.
You will always have a home here.
We wish you the best of luck
in all your future endeavors!

A personal congratulations and appreciation message to honor the police officer on his or her retirement and let them know that they will be truly missed for years to come.
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Retiring Police Inspector Gift Plaque Wording Ideas


Personalized Police Badge

With Great Honor and Recognition
For Your Loyal and Dedicated Service
To the People of Barnwell County, SC

We, your Friends and “Brothers”,
Present This to You as a Symbol of
A Lifelong Friendship.

Your Sheriff’s Office Family


To honor a retiring county sheriff, deputy, or other law enforcement officers or bid farewell as they embark on the next step of their professional career with this inspirational police quote and saying.
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Sample Best Wishes Police Retirement Quote

Pennsylvania State Police Department Seal

Retiring State Trooper

To You was Entrusted the Honor of the Force.
You Served Honestly, Faithfully and
You Never Swerved From the Path of Duty.

You Shall Always be a Soldier of the Law!

Give Without Remembering and
Take Without Forgetting.

Congratulations On Your Retirement!

A personalized best wishes and inspirational quote is an ideal way to honor the retiring police officer who spent his or her lifetime protecting and serving the community.
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Police Officer Gift Plaques & Custom Awards for Sale

When a career marked by “life on the beat” winds to a close, mere celebration isn’t enough. Police retirement is something special. Bravery, compassion, ingenuity and dedication all must combine in order for a man or woman to make a job in law enforcement a career in law enforcement. It takes a unique person to persevere to retirement, which is why police retirement quotes, sayings and plaque wording ideas should be taken seriously. Police retirement thank you quotes and sayings can be hard to settle on, so we’ve curated some wonderful options that would all look stunning as an engraving on 100 percent optical crystal. Explore the options below for sample police retirement quotes, sayings, best wishes and more.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider a beautifully written piece with this exact occasion in mind. “The Badge” law enforcement retirement poem honestly explore the sacrifices a career police officer must make. We’ve also compiled some police officer happy retirement messages and wishes if you’re looking for an inscription with a little more flexibility. Law enforcement officer retirement quotes are always inspiring, our samples are uplifting and warm but you can customize your gift plaque with any quote you choose. And don’t forget carefully crafted police chief retirement wishes and prayers for the man or woman at the helm of the department. Honor the dignity of the “Thin Blue Line” with police retirement plaque wording ideas that really mean something.

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