Fire Department and Firefighter Anniversary Award Plaques

Are you marking the milestone anniversary of an entire fire department or battalion? Do you know someone who will be celebrating a milestone anniversary as a firefighter? Whether they have served their first year or 30th, your honoree deserves some recognition for putting others’ needs above their own.

Our elegant crystal fire department and firefighter anniversary plaques allow you to say thank-you in a stylish, sophisticated way. Order as many firefighter anniversary trophies as you need, and choose express shipping for last-minute selections.

Featured Award Plaques

A Fire Department Milestone Anniversary celebration is a perfect way to show the appreciation to firefighters for their services and sacrifices. Preserve the memory with our elegantly made Crystal Fire Department Anniversary Celebration Plaque.
With stars and stripes etched on top, and Fire Department emblem on back, this elegant Crystal Fire Department Anniversary Plaque is an intriguing gift to celebrate any Fire Department milestone anniversary and honor years of courage and bravery.

Fire Department Anniversary Gifts Made of Optical Crystal

What makes our plaques stand out so brilliantly? The answer is simple — we make all our firefighter gifts and other awards from optical crystal.

Unlike plastics and acrylics, optical crystal starts and remains clear. It will never fade or yellow, which means that it will look amazing today, tomorrow and for the lifetime of the recipient. Without question, our stunning firefighter anniversary plaques are destined to become lasting heirlooms passed down for generations.

From the moment you feel the weight and see the beauty of our awards, you will understand just how special optical crystal is. Make the most of your fire department anniversary gift by choosing optical crystal as the foundational base.

Personalized Firefighter Anniversary Items

A huge advantage of buying your firefighter anniversary gifts from DIY Awards is our streamlined customization process. Our software makes it easy to upload everything from text to logos, letting you play designer even if you have no design background. 

What types of wording and messages should you include on your firefighter anniversary piece? In addition to the firefighter’s name, department and anniversary date, you might want to add:

  • The whole firefighter’s prayer or a portion of it.
  • A line from scripture.
  • A brief poem or a few lines from a longer poem.
  • An inspirational quotation.

Are you still having trouble deciding what to put on your firefighter anniversary plaque? Feel free to contact us during typical business hours. Our team members strive to make every customer experience phenomenal. We would love to share what other satisfied clients have done to add warmth to their personal crystal awards.

Include Colorfill to Etched Areas on Your Firefighter Award

You can choose colorfill on your trophy for a little extra impact. The colorfill process involves hand-painting colors onto any etched places on your anniversary plaque. For example, if you add the fire department logo to your award, the logo will be subtly enhanced with a bit of tint. 

Colorfill does not overpower the overall appearance of your award but adds a sense of depth and personality to the piece. If you want to add charm, charisma and spirit to your fire department anniversary gift, colorfill may be the right choice.

Celebrate a Firefighter’s Milestone Anniversary With a Crystal Plaque

Are you ready to mark the anniversary of a firefighter on your team or in your family? Buy a custom-etched crystal plaque from DIY Awards today. Your firefighter will display it proudly for years to come as a symbol of your respect, consideration and gratitude. 

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