Celebration and Gift Ideas for Nurse Appreciation Day

Celebration and Gift Ideas for Nurse Appreciation Day

Nurse Appreciation Week

According to Nursing World, National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, which happens to be Florence Nightingale's birthday. These permanent dates enhance planning and position National Nurses Week as an established recognition event.

The simple genius of a week set aside each year to praise the good work of healthcare professionals is a glorious thing. There’s not a cause much more worthy of celebration than Nurse Appreciation Week, which is why taking the time to honor it each spring is an investment worth making.

A Worthy Occasion

So why is it so important to hold up this occasion as one worth marking? Because of the commitment nurses make to their community the second they take on the job. Nursing is grueling work. The hours can be punishing, it’s physically demanding, especially hospital shift work, and it’s emotionally taxing. It’s the nurses who really bond with a patient, who get to know them. Nurses are often the first faces a patient sees at a physician’s office or hospital. It’s a career that asks everything of the employee, day in and day out.

How to Celebrate

  • It’s a Party! It’s tried and true, and there’s a reason; everyone loves a party. This celebration works especially well at a large clinic or hospital where nurses can be treated to a catered lunch, happy hour or potluck dinner. Don’t forget the slideshow and speeches!
  • Day of Pampering: Since nurses spend most of the day on their feet, why not bring the spa to them for a day of leisure? Hire chair massage therapists, facialists and yoga instructors to come on-site. Finish up with a gift certificate to a nearby salon and smoothies for everyone.
  • Service Work: In honor of the nurses who work so hard, choose a service program to dedicate in the name of your nursing staff. Allow them to choose a charity or project that means something to them and have the whole staff get in on it.

A Gift to Remember

During Nurse Appreciation Week, don’t forget a well thought out gift. The gesture can be small and personal or grand and lavish; as long as the honorees are at the center of the idea.

A Weekend Away: For clinics and offices with a relatively small nursing staff, why not offer a weekend getaway as a thank you gift. It could be a beach house belonging to a fellow staff member or a villa at a small resort. If it’s local venue, sneak over there ahead of time and stock and fridge and bar with treats!

Comp Time: Nothing says “we appreciate your hard work” like a break from doing it! It won’t cost much and will be easy to organize, so consider giving each member of the nursing staff 2-3 extra comp days.

A Timeless Memento: The gift of crystal stands the test of time like nothing else. Beautiful and reflective, a 100 percent optical crystal plaque can be engraved with personal sentiments and well-wishes. These Nurse Gift Plaques are stunning and were created with the nursing profession in mind. A beautiful way to show appreciation to the nurses in your life, and the ones who endeavor to provide you with comfort and care.