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The Best Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Police Officers

Every day, law enforcement officers serve their communities, take care of the public and protect their towns and cities. Showing appreciation for a police officer is a sincere, courteous way to say, "Thank you for your service."

You can get involved in many ways, like participating in National Thank a Police Officer Day and National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). You may also consider presenting a thoughtful appreciation gift to your local police officers.

Here are six of the best ways to express gratitude to your community's law enforcement officers.

  1. Wear and Display Blue
  2. Get Involved in Your Community
  3. Say Thank You
  4. Schedule a Station Tour
  5. Share Your Story
  6. Give a Gift

1. Wear and Display Blue

The "Thin Blue Line" represents the sacrifice that law enforcement and police officers make every day. Officers are also known for wearing blue uniforms. You can display blue flags, ribbons or lights at your home or business and wear blue shirts with pride.

2. Get Involved

National Thank a Police Officer Day is the third Saturday of September, and National L.E.A.D. is January 9th. Many local businesses and citizens "back the blue" to show their support on these days. You can drop off a special treat to your local police department or create handmade thank you cards to deliver.

3. Say Thank You

If you see an officer in person, offer them words of thanks and appreciation. Many officers do not receive the recognition they deserve. Even a small word of kindness can brighten their day. You may also consider visiting your local police station to thank the officers — it's a simple gesture that goes a long way.

4. Schedule a Station Tour

Many police departments are willing to offer tours to schools, youth organizations, church groups, and clubs. Children love getting a "behind the scenes" look at a police station. A tour also gives children the chance to learn about what it means to be a good citizen.

Your school may schedule a day for law enforcement, paramedics and firefighters to come to school and talk about their jobs — if not, ask your principals to plan one!

5. Share Your Positive Story

Did a police officer help you recently? Express gratitude for local law enforcement by sharing your positive story on social media. Uplifting stories, like officers taking time to play basketball with children, deserve to be highlighted. Negativity is too often spread across the internet, take a second out of your day to add some positivity.

6. Give the Gift of a Custom Crystal Plaque

Police officers must forge ahead every day, risking their lives to keep their communities safe. At DIY Awards, we offer a large number of personalized police recognition plaques and police prayer plaques, all fully customizable with your message and design.

Many men and women in blue turn to their faith as a source of personal strength and support. Show your heartfelt appreciation with a Police Officer's Prayer Plaque gift. We've compiled excerpts from police officer prayers as inspiration to get you started.

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