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Show Your Employees Your Appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day

Some research has found that 40% of employees who do not feel appreciated enough do just the bare minimum of work. In addition, appreciation and recognition are more important than cash gifts for a whopping 83% of employees surveyed.

Of course, every organization wants to recognize their team and make sure everyone feels appreciated, but how can we move this beyond just a to-do item? Some companies celebrate employee appreciation day to ensure employee recognition becomes part of company culture. Some even celebrate multiple or regular appreciation days for workers outside of National Employee Appreciation Day.

When Is Employee Appreciation Day This Year?

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday in March. The first Friday in March in 2020 is March 6th.

If you’re thinking of creating a celebration for employee appreciation day or just need some inspiration for your current efforts, here are some must-try ideas:

  • Choose your own adventure: Everyone is different, and that means each person reacts differently to rewards. For some team members, a bonus may be the greatest reward. For others, a heartfelt note or a plaque may feel right. Some may prefer a gift card. If you try no other ideas on this list, make sure you ask each employee how they enjoy being recognized. Ask for a few options and gather this data on a spreadsheet. When it’s time to appreciate each employee, you will be using the language they can best hear.
  • Go public: A private email expressing appreciation is always nice, but when leadership recognizes employees formally at an awards ceremony or special lunch, it reinforces the message. It also allows other team members to congratulate the individual.
  • Give them something they can keep: A crystal or personalized award is something a person can hold onto. Each time they look at the award, they will be reminded of the organization and will experience the positive feelings of being recognized and appreciated. With an award, there is a tangible reminder a company appreciates them. Look for high-quality awards that are customized and sure to last for years. Choose award categories to recognize each employee.
  • Post it: Create a wall of honor or a wall of fame where you can recognize employees who go above and beyond. This helps recipients of the honor feel part of an elite team. If the wall is in a public spot, it can encourage others to work hard to earn their position, too.
  • Get creative: Try taking the team out to lunch to celebrate wins, throw a party or even set up an awards ceremony for each other. Offer to let winning team members leave early or spring for pizza and treats. You can choose different ideas for different appreciation days. You can offer swag one day and have a “casual day” or “bring your dog to work” day. Consider keeping a running list of ideas and ask your team members to brainstorm for what they would want to see!

There are lots of ways to make an employee feel appreciated, from a heartfelt note to a big ceremony. If you want to create a permanent and tangible expression of appreciation, contact DIY Awards to create customized, high-quality awards. With quality crystal and etching as well as personalization, these awards will make your employees feel appreciated day after day.