When the calendar year winds to a close, it marks another 12 months of progress, change and hard work. Don’t let the new year start without first honoring all of the employees who made this year a success. The year-end employee recognition event is the perfect celebration to mark time, and single out hard-working men and women who give their all each and every day.  According to Fox Business,  69 percent of employees say they would work harder if they were more appreciated.  Year end employee recognition event is also the perfect place to unveil year-end employee recognition award ideas and show your employees that they are truly appreciated.

Let’s Celebrate!

Nothing is more fun at year’s end than throwing a party, especially a party that honors the entire company. A catered lunch or potluck can be lovely, but why not think outside the box when it comes to year-end employee recognition events?

  • Themed Happy Hour: A signature drink, door prizes and festive decorations are a lot of fun, but add a twist by asking everyone to dress as a fellow colleague. Another option is a mixology class or cocktail competition.
  • Night on the Town: Why not charter a bus and treat your employees to an elegant dinner at a local venue or a concert with a catered after-party? Make sure transportation is covered, and let everyone come in an hour or two late the next day.
  • A Little Magic: An illusionist, palm reader or hypnotist can take a traditional office party up a notch. Throw in hors d’oeuvres, dinner or a dessert bar and you’ve created a night to remember.

Award Ideas

When choosing year-end employee recognition awards, it’s important to keep quality in mind, first and foremost. You want that award presented at year’s end to really stick with an honoree, really give them something to be proud of. Beautiful, 100 percent optical crystal that can be deep-etch engraved and customized is a wonderful way to go. DIY Awards offers stylish options for any award category.

Employee of the Year Award: This top honor should be treated with respect and dignity. What better way to single out a shining example of hard work than with this gorgeous crystal memento?

Top Sales Award: The art of sales cannot be overemphasized. Where would a company be without its sales team? For the salesperson that always goes the extra mile and keeps trying when others would have long ago given up, these crystal top sales award plaques make a statement.

Customer Service Award: One of the main reasons clients stay loyal and customers come back again and again is stellar customer service. It’s the last bastion of dignity in the corporate world and deserves beautiful tribute, like luminous, deep-etched crystal.

Team Recognition

The all-company party is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. Individual year-end employee recognition awards are perfect for honoring those workers who rise to the top. But don’t forget that stand-out team or small group of loyal employees who are in need of much deserved team recognition. Consider honoring this group with a special off-campus meal or excursion. Crystal Employee Recognition Award Plaques that honor an full team can also be easily personalized with names, titles and dates of tenure.