8 Ways to Appreciate Military Service That Goes Beyond Words

Military members around the country have made immense sacrifices in their lives. They’ve contributed to the safety of Americans and it’s important to honor those who have served. Sometimes you will find that military members do not always want or require a “thank you,” as they say they were simply doing their duty or that other military members made “real sacrifices.”

No matter what, it’s important to honor and respect our military by showing appreciation. If you are looking for ways to honor someone in the military, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight ways in which you can support military members for their service.

Remember Veterans and Memorial Day

Every year on November 11, our country recognizes and pays respect to those who have served in our military. This day, originally known as Armistice Day, is now referred to as Veterans Day. Many people have mistaken this day for Memorial Day which is a day to pay respects for those who have died in active military service and is traditionally celebrated on May 30.

Both days throughout the year are important to take time and acknowledge those who have served. If you are looking for ways to show appreciation and are in need of Veterans Day gift ideas, a military plaque to honor your service may be just the thing. A crystal plaque with custom designs will make every military member feel appreciated in order to honor their dedication and commitment to our country.

Give Back To The Community

Showing how grateful you are for someone’s service can sometimes be best shown when we are serving others. An excellent way to honor our military is by doing something positive for the community. It is a way to show that we are actively using the freedom they have fought so hard for in a way that benefits others.

Visit a Veterans’ Hospital

Veterans are people of all ages, which means there may be a local veterans’ hospital you could visit. If you don’t live near one, you can call around to find out where your closest assisted living facility or nursing home may be.

Connecting with elderly veterans who may be hospitalized or injured can greatly impact the lives of those who served. It’s important for all of us to connect on a human-to-human level, and many veterans do not have family or friends to visit them at a hospital or facility. You can change their day for the better by giving them a chance to share their stories and tell you about their time serving. 

Get Out There And Vote

One of the most important ways we actively use our freedom is through the power of voting in our democracy. Members of the military have fought to protect our freedom, which includes our right to vote. Many countries do not have the freedom to vote. If you haven’t registered, take the time to visit Vote.gov for an easy way to get started. Then start educating yourself on local, state, and nationwide elections.

Get Creative

Not every gift has to be a card and flowers. Sometimes military appreciation gift ideas require thinking a little outside of the box. For young children, it could be teaching them about the importance of honoring our military through arts and crafts to give to a local veterans hospital as gifts. As adults, you could purchase a personalized engraved military plaque that thanks to the person that has served our country.

Make a Donation to Their Families

Showing gratitude towards our veterans and active military members also means supporting their families as well. Being a family member of someone who is in the military can be one of the most difficult things they go through. A person may be sent overseas without any knowledge of where they are going or how long they will be away. Circumstances may arise where they lose a loved one and are in need to be able to afford various financial obligations now as a widower. 

Making a donation to the family members who are left to support their loved ones from afar can be a great way to show appreciation for our military members. Their family is equally as important as they are.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Whether you are getting ready for your holiday shopping or are looking to make a purchase at a major department store, why not take another second to lookup local stores that are owned by veterans? It might not always be easy to recognize which stores are owned by veterans, but your local chamber of commerce will have information to help you find out.

Offer Your Experience and Expertise

If you are not in a position to give back financially, you can always give your time. Various groups are available where veterans get together for support or educational purposes. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult for veterans to find work after they have served, which means they might be in need of extra education or expertise from others to help guide them towards a new career path.

Maybe you have experience in construction and the local VA office is looking for someone to volunteer their time and knowledge to be able to help build houses for wounded warriors. Or perhaps you have technology experience where you can help veterans start a blog where they have a space and platform to share their stories with the world.

No matter what, you have the knowledge to be able to help in some way. Contact your local VA office to see how you can get involved and where your experience can help.

There Is Always Something You Can Do

At the end of the day, there is always a way to offer a form of gratitude towards our military that goes well beyond words. Whether it’s giving time to the community or donating personalized miliary gifts to a local veterans hospital, there certainly is a means to do so.