How to Say Thank You to Your Boss for a Raise

Best Ways to Say Thank You to Your Boss for a Raise

Did you recently receive a pay raise or promotion? Congratulations! It feels great to be recognized for all your hard work on the job — and the higher salary doesn't hurt, either. When you're celebrating your new career success, you're probably thanking yourself for your own effort and accomplishments. But remember — there's someone else to thank, too. As the one who recognized your talent and rewarded your efforts, your boss deserves a little appreciation for this special moment.

How to Say Thank You for a Raise

Wondering how to say thanks for a pay increase? Here are a few thoughtful ways to thank your boss.

Getting a raise is a privilege and a reward — not a guarantee. Receiving this recognition means your boss trusts and values you, so showing some gratitude will keep you headed in the right direction. Here are a few small ways to say thank you to your boss:

  • Shake their hand: Keep it friendly and professional with a firm handshake and a heartfelt thank you when you hear the good news.
  • Write a note: When you want to put a little more thought into your thank-you gesture, giving your supervisor a handwritten note is always a smart move. Write your sincere thanks in professional, proofread card and leave it on your boss's desk. They'll be impressed that you put in the personal effort.
  • Work harder: What's the best way to thank your boss for the raise? Prove that you're worth it. Working harder and aiming to be better will remind your boss they made the right choice.

Gifts to Give Your Boss After a Raise

If you were especially impressed with your raise and want to go a little further with your appreciation, consider giving your supervisor a thank-you gift, such as:

  • Personalized gift: Is there something specific you know your boss loves? Surprise them with their favorite coffee, a movie-themed figurine for their desk or whatever matches their interests.
  • Gift certificate: Say "thank you for the raise" with a thoughtful gift card for a restaurant, cafe, shop or attraction.
  • Custom appreciation plaque: Want to go above and beyond? Give your boss a custom crystal gift plaque to show how thankful you are. DIY Awards has a beautiful selection of crystal boss appreciation awards and thank you plaques you can customize to your occasion.

Thank You Wording Examples

Wondering how to word your thank you note or appreciation award? Keep it simple, professional and humble. Make sure you:

  • Don't mention the amount of the raise
  • Stay respectful and appreciative
  • Include a compliment or well-wishes

For example, your note might say something like, "I want to thank you so much for this year's raise. I've learned so much working for this company and look forward to growing even further professionally."

If you need help coming up with the right message, DIY Awards is here to help. Browse our selection of crystal boss appreciation awards, design your own and explore our wording suggestions today.