Some Creative Employee Recognition Ideas to Honor a Job Well Done

Some Creative Employee Recognition Ideas to Honor a Job Well Done

According to the research by the Incentive Research Foundation, top performing companies statistically much more likely to use their non-cash rewards and recognition programs to reward their employees (88%).

For those on your team who excel, those standout employees who set the bar, employee recognition program should be a priority. There are many ways to show appreciation for staffers and managers who are among the best of the best. Effortlessly honor a job well done with some of these top recognition ideas:

Some Friendly Competition                 

Nothing inspires effort like a little incentive, so why not create a healthy contest or competition within the workplace? Setting sales goals, productivity markers or office citizenship ideals and then offering prizes in recognition of those who meet them is a fun way to celebrate employees who excel. Consider some of the following rewards for the standout members of your team:

  • Spa Day- a gift certificate to a local spa is the ultimate in pampering
  • Comp Days- what’s more compelling than a few paid days off?
  • Lunch For a Week- treat your staffer to the takeout of his or her choice all week long
  • A Weekend Away- a getaway for the honoree and a guest

All of these employee recognition ideas will show the staff members at your company that you care, and will inspire hard-work down the road.

Special Events

Being singled out means a lot, there’s just nothing quite like a special luncheon or after-work event to show high flyers how much they are appreciated. Happy hours, off-site lunch celebrations and catered breakfasts in honor of a select few are straightforward and lovely. Add a few personal touches to make those events much more meaningful.

Speeches: A few inspiring words from a boss or colleague can go a long way.

Slideshows: Some photos of staffers and screenshots of impressive projects will add a bit of ‘festive.’

Roasts: As long as they’re all in good taste, some jokes and a few light and well-intentioned jabs are lots of fun!

A True Token of Thanks

All gifts are meaningful and there are many ways to honor employees worthy of recognition. But there’s a big difference between a fountain pen or a gift card and a beautifully curated and personally crafted memento. A crystal plaque that’s been personalized with deep etch engraving really turns an employee recognition event into a treasured memory. This Employee Achievement Award for example will really stand the test of time. And this lovely Flame Special Achievement Award can be detailed, by you, from plaque to base. These pieces will be valued for years to come.