How to Plan an Award Ceremony for a Fundraiser

Fundraising asks a great deal of all participants — and to help celebrate a successful campaign, many organizations hold an awards ceremony. Organizing this type of ceremony takes dedication and a keen eye for detail, but it can be the showpiece for your campaign and can even help you with future fundraising goals.

The Benefits of an Awards Ceremony at a Fundraising Event

There are many advantages to an awards ceremony. The biggest, of course, is rewarding the participants and donors for their contributions, efforts and donations. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and showing appreciation can also encourage your participants to take part in future campaigns.

Sometimes, award ceremonies can be smart promotional efforts. These events can be covered by local media or on social media, depending on the event itself and the attendees. You can even send out press releases announcing the event itself and the winners, which can generate buzz about your organization.

A ceremony can also help you with branding. If your organization is known as being professional, a white-collar event lets you stay true to brand while offering everyone on your team a new experience. If your organization is fun or eclectic, an unusual awards ceremony helps everyone have fun. In either case, staying on brand can help you put your marketing message in front of others who might want to donate next year!

Finally, awards give you lots of material and content. Whether you need social media content, videos, blog ideas or ideas for next year’s fundraiser brochure, your ceremony is an opportunity to gather stories, videos, pictures and ideas.

Award Categories for Fundraisers

To have an awards ceremony, you need awards. The Oscars may give recognition for Best Leading Actress or Best Director, but what will your awards be for? There are a few options:

  • Top donor: You can award the donor who has made the largest donations. You can also have a separate award for someone who has donated multiple times over the years.
  • Campaign VIP: You can reward a member of your team or multiple employees who played a central role in making the campaign a success.
  • Named awards: You can name an award after a top donor from past years or someone who has made multiple contributions. Each year, you can award this to a new donor.
  • Leadership awards: If someone on your leadership team made a significant contribution to the campaign, you can recognize them.

Award Ideas

Wondering what to give out? A crystal award or custom award is your only choice for VIP awards where you want recipients to feel completely recognized in a red-carpet way. In addition to a crystal award, you might want to include gift cards or gift baskets. Another option is to have a table piled high with gifts and have each recipient choose their own gift.

If you want a beautiful award you’d be proud to hand over in the spotlight at a ceremony, contact DIY Awards to learn how you can create customized, high-quality awards just for your ceremony.