how to make your boss feel appreciated

Are you looking for a thoughtful way to show your boss you appreciate them? You spend every day reporting to them, following their requests, asking for their support or looking to them for leadership. You think about doing your job well and impressing your boss with your effort — but do you ever think about thanking them for theirs?

Whatever kind of company you work for, fostering a friendly relationship with your manager is important. A good boss isn't always a given — so if yours goes out of their way to help, instruct and get to know you, you should return the favor. Plus, expressing your appreciation will make sure you're on the radar for raises, promotions and special projects. Wondering what the best ways are to offer your boss some recognition? These ideas will help you send a meaningful message.

Simple Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Boss

You don't have to wait until National Boss's Day to express a little appreciation to your supervisor. In fact, it's something you can do every day with thoughtful gestures and behaviors. Here are some small things you can do regularly to show your boss you're grateful for what they do:

  • Say thank you: When you see your boss making an extra effort — whether that's staying late to finish some extra tasks or taking extra time to help with your workload — show them you recognize the effort with a simple "thank you." It might not seem like it means much, but this might not be something a manager is used to hearing. They're usually thanking their employees for their hard work — so it's thoughtful to reciprocate sometimes.
  • Write a thank you note: If you want to make a little more of an effort for your supervisor, leave a handwritten note or card on their desk. Whether it's a special occasion or just a general thank you, your boss will appreciate it.
  • Work hard: Sometimes, the best way to thank your manager is by buckling down and putting in your best effort. Working hard and going the extra mile shows you value both your job and your boss.
  • Communicate: Another way to express your appreciation is by always keeping your boss in the loop. Open communication about tasks, coworkers and even concerns makes the workplace more pleasant for everyone.

Make Your Boss Feel Special With a Gift

Want to go above and beyond? Consider these gifts for your boss to show appreciation:

  • Personalized item: If you know your boss well enough, pick out a gift that suits their personality or interests. Think about conversations you've had and pay attention to what they like — they'll be touched by your thoughtfulness.
  • Gift certificate: If you're not comfortable with buying a more specific item, offering a gift card to a local restaurant or shop is always a considerate gesture.
  • Custom award: When you really want to do something special, surprise your boss with a tasteful, personalized crystal award for all they do.

Personalize it With an Appreciation Award for Your Boss

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