Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Quotes

The golden anniversary of marriage is not only a time for celebration but also the most emotional time in a couple's life. It is a time when the couple has spent 5o years of togetherness that there is nothing new to be learned about each other, yet there is so much to reflect upon and reminisce in the memories.

Whether you are a son, daughter, other relative, or special friend of the couple, here are some great golden wedding anniversary gift ideas that will surely make their special day more memorable.

Gold-Themed Gifts for a 50 year Anniversary Celebration

There is nothing more fitting for a special couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary than a gold-themed gift.

Gold is the traditional 50th-anniversary gift. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  1. Treat the couple to gold jewelry - whether you gift a matching set or a gold watch for him and a gold locket for her, the couple is sure to feel your love.
  2. A gold clock for their home - their love has been timeless, a clock is the perfect way to show that it will be forever.
  3. Gift a gold-plated picture frame with a photo of the couple inside. This affordable present is a personalized way to give something that means everything.
  4. Gold-rimmed wine glasses or gold-plated champagne flutes with their names and wedding date engraved - cheers to half a century together!
  5. A gold coin collection with specific dates that are memorable to the couple would be the perfect gift for coin lovers.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Plaque

Select a plaque or decorative award from online trophy store like Diy Awards and have the item professionally engraved. Present the gold wedding anniversary-themed plaque/award to the couple to commemorate the accomplishment of staying together for 50 years.

Customize your own golden wedding anniversary plaque at is convenient and personalization. You can design your plaque according to your need and the interests and tastes of the couple. Or there are many different sample plaques of 50th wedding anniversary:

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Featuring the flowing Gothic arch design, this Crystal Cathedral Award is a stately representation of love, sacrifice and accomplishments. The curved crystal plaque offers ample engraving space with endless design opportunities.

Quote Ideas for a Golden Wedding Anniversary Plaque

Your 50th wedding anniversary plaque is destined to be a one-of-a-kind no matter what, especially when you work with DIY Awards to personalize it with an engraved message. However, you may wonder what type of quote would be perfect for your award.

From our experience, we can help you come up with great quote ideas for this traditional gift:

  • Choose a favorite religious verse shared by the couple.
  • Pick an inspirational quote about the wonders of a long life and marriage.
  • Choose an amusing quote from a trusted comedian, TV show or movie.
  • Find a song lyric that seems to reflect the couple's life together.
  • Engrave a statement that one or both of the members of the couple use frequently.

Remember that all engraving is completely free when you work with DIY Awards. The only limit is your imagination! Be sure to check out some of the inspirational quotations that others have used when purchasing optical crystal plaques as golden wedding anniversary gifts.

Presentation Suggestions for Your Golden Anniversary Plaque

Obviously, you will want to do more than just hand your parents or friends a 50th wedding anniversary plaque. The occasion deserves a special, unique touch.

Consider wrapping your golden anniversary gift in complementary gold and silver wrapping. You might even want to include a "then and now" picture of the happy couple.

If you would prefer to give your 50th wedding anniversary gift un-wrapped, why not offer it during a toast at a celebration? Be sure to video the toast so everyone can watch it again.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Clothes

The 50th wedding anniversary of your parents, friends or other relatives, no matter their height or shape, they will want to look good for their honey while they choose the golden wedding anniversary clothes, whether it's been one year or 50.

So choose appropriate couple clothes will be nice 50th wedding anniversary present idea. Find their shape and consider a few different dress options that will highlight the best parts of their body and make they look their best.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Flower

Though depending on the way the roles of golden have spent their marriage, and how old the couple is, you should tailor your wedding anniversary gift; every couple can't the wedding anniversary flower.

There are a number of significant wedding anniversaries celebrated in the U.S. The 50th wedding anniversary flower is yellow rose or violet. Present yellow roses to the anniversary couple along with a personalized message or card. Yellow is close to the color golden and the 50th year of marriage is also known as the golden anniversary year.

Family-Related Gifts

Arrange for all your family to take a professional photo, or ask a painter to recreate the couple's original wedding photo in an oil painting. Find a quality gold frame for the portrait and present it to the couple during the anniversary dinner.

A family candlelight dinner will bring back the romance that may have fizzled out of a marriage of many years. The Family candlelight dinner is complete without good food that the couple feels special and also ensures that they spend some private moments together by booking a table for two in a luxury restaurant in town.

Vacations to Great Travel Hotspots

Many couples have a few destination hotspots they would either like to see for the first time or return to in their later years. Why not give your parents a gift of a lifetime for their 50th wedding anniversary?

You can arrange a wonderful vacation trip as both a thank-you to them for being great people, as well as a congratulations for their longevity as a dynamic duo. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness, and they will think of you while on their adventure!

What Is the History of the Golden Anniversary?

Have you ever wondered why the 50th wedding anniversary is considered the golden anniversary? From a traditional sense, gold simply represents something extra-special. After all, when Olympians and athletes win medals, the most important one is typically the gold medal, followed by medals constructed of other precious metals.

Gold has been a long-standing color in interior decorating and jewelry, too. It tends to go with just about anything, which makes it a terrific choice. As a 50th wedding anniversary classic, gold simply makes sense!

Getting Help in Choosing the Right Golden Anniversary Plaque

Not sure how to go about getting a golden anniversary plaque for your parents or another couple who is about to celebrate half a century of marriage? The customer service representatives at DIY Awards are ready to give you advice.

Simply contact DIY Awards and we will be happy to share our ideas and knowledge with you!