Great Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduates

What bravery, what community spirit, what dedication must someone be gifted with in order to walk the thin blue line each day? A rare and unselfish amount of each. As police academy graduation draws near, it becomes very clear that the men and women who will walk the stage on that final day are true people of honor and courage. It’s a career path that comes with risk, exhaustion and inevitable frustration, but for the right candidate, it’s a path that can be exceedingly rewarding.

A Long Road

A career of police work, whether an officer ends up walking the beat, working as a detective or leaning toward administrative tasks, is a career that requires a lot of heart, and a unique commitment to serving the community. Police officers must love law and order, but are also tasked with being creative and compassionate, often in situations of great stress. When things go right, the sense of accomplishment is unprecedented. When things go wrong, there’s sharp grief and a steep learning curve. Quite simply, police appreciation can’t be overemphasized. And that starts at police academy graduation.

Marking the Occasion

What gift can amply convey your admiration for the new police academy graduate? Gift cards, money, a weekend getaway; all these gestures are fine. But why not invest in something a little more personal, and something a little more memorable?

A Monument To Greatness: Beautiful, lustrous, 100 percent optical crystal just invokes the concept of celebration, and when it’s customized for the honoree, the gift is elevated another several notches. These crystal police academy graduation gift plaques are creative and stylish, cut from the highest quality material and designed with upscale sensibilities. Best of all, these pieces can easily personalized; deep etch engraving is included at no additional cost. Imagine the stunned delight of your new police academy graduate when he or she opens a gift only to find this classic and timeless token of appreciation.

Shave and Style: If someone is on the brink of a new career, help them feel their absolute best with a gift certificate to a local salon for a haircut and style. Another option is credit for a luxury straight-razor shave. Imagine how relaxed and refreshed your new graduate will feel once they’ve taken some time for themselves; a real confidence builder.

Naming Rights: Why not dedicate a brick in the sidewalk leading up to the police station to your new graduate? They’ll walk those steps with renewed energy after seeing their name emblazoned on a brick, a nearby bench or a pathway tile. It’s a little gesture, but helps the man or woman in blue feel constantly appreciated despite the grueling conditions of life as a police officer.