Five Ways To Thank Your Parents On Graduation Day

The moment you’ve been waiting for, working toward, and looking forward to, is finally here. It’s been years in the making and there have been many twists and turns along the way; but graduation day has finally arrived. And while a lot of people may be thinking about how best to honor the graduate, you know that your support system needs some love too, so here are 5 ways to thank your parents on graduation day.

  • From Preschool to Higher Education: Time to dig through the scrapbook boxes and old photo albums! Look for a piece of artwork from your preschool days, something colorful and heartfelt, and write a short note on the back, highlighting a favorite memory from that time. Pair that with an essay or poem, some high-school level work you are proud of, and attach a short note to that; highlighting how much the support of your parents has meant. Mount both pieces side by side in a glass frame (so both sides are visible) and present to your proud parents!
  • A Night of Pampering: For an evening your parents won’t forget, why not cook them a meal, set the table with fine china and cue up their favorite old movie? They’ll love being taken care of for the evening, the same way they’ve cared for you all these years. Finish off the night with dessert for two from a local bakery—and maybe a note of appreciation tucked into the box.
  • The Gift of Fine Crystal: For a keepsake that will never go out of style, a treasure that will not fade over time, consider this gorgeous Graduation Gift For Parents. It’s made of 100 percent optical crystal and is designed with the honoree in mind, so your parents will understand just how much you love and appreciate them. This piece can be customized with free, deep etch engraving, so the piece will reflect your parents through and through.
  • A Heartfelt Note: Sometimes there is no better gesture than just putting pen to paper to let your parents know just how much you value their influence on your life. A simple, beautifully written note or letter might be the keepsake they come to cherish most of all. Sitting down with a nice piece of stationary and some time with your thoughts is a great way to thank your parents on graduation day.
  • A Photo Worth 1,000 Words: Look for that one photo that encapsulates you and your parents. Maybe you are four years old, squished between the two of them on a park bench. Maybe you’re laughing together at your eighth grade graduation, or maybe it’s the very first snap of you and your parents after you were born. Find it, frame it, and present it with a poem, quote or little expression of thanks. And take a matching copy for yourself as you head on to college or off to the working world.