Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Employees and Co-workers

There are a lot of meaningful professional milestones worthy of celebration; the completion of higher education, training certifications, achievement awards and promotions. But nothing bears the significance of retirement. There’s no flourish, no final point, quite like leaving behind a successful career when the time comes. And while the next chapter will likely be equally exciting, don’t neglect to celebrate the achievement of retirement with all the pomp and circumstance it deserves.

Saying Goodbye to Your Manager or Co-worker

Retirement, frankly, is hard on a workplace. It’s difficult to see a manager or colleague move on, especially when you’re so used to the rhythm of having that person on your team. If a mentor is retiring, you might feel a little adrift when it comes to the direction of your own professional journey. If a long-time employee is saying goodbye, it may be a little tough to imagine the office without that person in it.  If a protégé is retiring, it may be a bittersweet source of pride that you saw them through their career. No matter what your relationship is to the retiring individual, it’s an occasion worth honoring. An occasion the entire company should get in on.

That Final Gesture

Saying goodbye shouldn’t be just a technicality, or an emotional final conference room meeting. It should be a planned celebration with a retirement gift; something substantial and elegant. No matter your budget, there’s a sophisticated way to bid someone farewell. Here are a few retirement gift ideas to get you started.

Personalized Stationary: A great gift for an office or workplace that doesn’t have a huge budget; consider getting your newly retired colleague some simple, monogrammed stationary. You can include a pen, and for a bit of sentimentality, sneak a handwritten note from the whole office into the box as a surprise.

Memory Book, With A Twist: An album filled with pictures, professional milestones, and some well-wishes from colleagues is a great way to send off a retiring employee. To make the book a little more interesting, include some personal recommendations from around the office; book lists, recipes, cocktail-making instructions, travel logs—whatever suits the hobbies of your retiree.

Crystal Remembrance: For a gift that will truly stand the test of time, you’ll want to consider something crafted from fine materials with infinite possibilities for personalization. Nothing fits that bill quite like naturally reflective, luminous, 100 percent optical crystal. DIY Awards' unique crystal retirement plaques can be deep-etch engraved at no additional cost, so you don’t have to truncate your message of congratulations. Consider this lovely Sail Retirement Awards for your retiring co-worker , or any of these beautiful retirement gift plaques creations for whoever is leaving your office.