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Gift Ideas to Celebrate National Boss’s Day

Most people believe that National Boss's Day is just a "Hallmark" holiday, and not to be taken seriously, but you can't miss this special day if you want to show your appreciation to your boss.

Boss's Day is October 16th

Boss's Day is a day to honor your mentor, leader, manager, and boss. While it is not mandatory to give your boss a gift, a small token to express your appreciation is always nice. Treating them to lunch, giving a gift card, or making homemade cookies are frequently used. If you are really looking to impress, a personalized gift that has a physical presence is much more effective to make your boss feel truly appreciated.

History of National Boss’s Day

National Boss's Day is observed to show appreciation to your leaders for being considerate and encouraging. 

National Boss’s Day is always celebrated on October 16th. Illinois Governor Otto Kerner officially proclaimed the day in 1962 and according to these statistics from the Department of Labor, more than 10 million individuals are employed in management occupations, so there’s a lot of celebrating to take place.

Gift Ideas for a Male Boss

Finding the right appreciation gift for your male boss can be tough. You don’t want to give a gift that makes it look like you’re trying to kiss up to him. Play it safe by selecting something that isn’t too expensive and is related to a passion or hobby of his.

  • Monogrammed leather laptop briefcase - help him keep all his most important work close. 
  • Best Boss Award - everyone likes to win. Keep that competitive spirit with a crystal award that shows him he is the best!
  • ManCrate - This unique gift is a great way to ensure you’re buying a gift that any man would love. With a number of different options to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect for your manager.

Gift Ideas for a Female Boss

Have you started shopping for your boss? If you are debating what to buy for that strong female mentor in your life this season, here are a few ideas. 

  • Personalized coffee tumbler - a thoughtful idea to keep her caffeinated for the long nights and early mornings.
  • Apple Watch - This piece of technology allows her to be a boss even on the go.
  • Custom Boss’s Day Trophy - This is the perfect piece for her office so she has a constant reminder of the effect that she has on her employees.

Personalized Crystal Awards to Celebrate Any Leader at Your Company

 Best Boss of the Year Award Best Boss of the Year Plaque

Finding the best personalized gift idea for your boss is incredibly easy with DIYAwards. Our sparkling crystal award plaque with customized engravings is sure to catch your manager’s attention. Characterized by its flowing lines, Zenith award provides a simple but elegant choice to meet your employee recognition award needs.

Flame Boss Day Gift Flame Award for the Leader That Always Ignites the Team

Resembling the shape of a flame, this award is an excellent choice to recognize outstanding achievements and exceptional contribution. Flame awards are ideal for the leaders who are always able to ignite the team.

Top Boss Award Boss's Day Appreciation Plaque

Honor a great boss by acknowledging their vision, leadership and ability to bring out the best in you. The top boss award has a clean and sparkling look that attracts attention and delivers a clear message. It’s made out of a transparent material that refracts light for a truly stunning display.

Boss Plaque Happy Boss's Day Crystal Gift Plaque
Have your whole office chip in for a personalized plaque. Each employee can have their signature engraved into this gift so your boss receives a present from the whole office. Knowing that each employee put in the time to customize this gift will make it significantly more meaningful for your manager.