meaningful 15 year anniversary gifts

Meaningful Gifts That Are Perfect for a 15-Year Wedding Anniversary

As milestone anniversaries approach, you want to give your spouse a beautiful gift, something that represents the years you've spent together and the future you will spend together. The 15th anniversary, in particular, is a wonderful occasion worth celebrating with a meaningful gift, particularly in traditional crystal that symbolizes the strength of your love.

Show your partner how much you care and how much you've enjoyed your 15 years together with the perfect present. Explore the suggestions below for meaningful gifts that are perfect for the 15-year wedding anniversary, and impress your spouse with something as beautiful as your love for each other.

Choosing the Perfect 15-Year Anniversary Gift

With 15 years of love between you and your spouse, you've been through a lot together. Celebrate the highs and appreciate the fact that you made it through the lows with a meaningful gift. Because this is a new milestone, you may wonder what to do for the 15-year anniversary. You want something as special as the love you share with your spouse that honors the past and looks forward to the years to come. To choose the best gift:

  • Incorporate tradition: Every wedding anniversary has a traditional gift, material, color and more associated with it. Crystal is traditional for 15-year anniversary gifts. Its sturdiness represents the strength of your relationship, and the way it sparkles mirrors the dazzling love you share. Other traditional gifts include gemstones like alexandrite, garnet and ruby or a red rose, which you can pair with crystal-themed items and gifts that primarily feature the glittering material for this anniversary.
  • Consider your relationship: Perhaps you have a place that's special to the two of you or a meaningful inside joke that's stuck with you over the years. Give a present that's related to something in your relationship for a personalized gift that your spouse is sure to appreciate.
  • Think about what your spouse likes: A gift for any occasion is more special when you consider what the other person likes. Whether it's something as simple as a favorite color, animal or item or a gift that you know they've always wanted, your spouse is sure to appreciate a present that's related to something they like.
  • Get something practical: The best gifts are practical in some way, whether they're sentimental decor or something that your spouse can use. Every time your spouse uses your thoughtful gift or sees it displayed, they'll think of you, your marriage, your love and your future together.

Keep those ideas in mind to get anniversary gift ideas that are personal and meaningful. A bit of extra thought goes a long way in choosing anniversary presents — or a gift for any occasion — that your spouse will love. No matter what you choose, tie it back to tradition and incorporate crystal touches for the ultimate romantic gift.

12 Gift Ideas for the 15th Wedding Anniversary

Whether you need a gift for your wife or husband or want to find the perfect gift for a couple you know who are celebrating their 15th anniversary, we have some wonderful anniversary gift ideas. Remember the tips above to get a personal gift that's appropriate for a decade and a half of love. Discover suggestions of what to do for a 15-year anniversary gift and get the best for your spouse that incorporates traditional crystal and other thoughtful touches.

1. A Crystal Plaque

A crystal plaque is a meaningful, unique and stunning gift that functions as breathtaking decor. It symbolizes the strength and clarity you have for your marriage, and you can personalize it with a sweet message for an even more romantic gift. With a customizable crystal plaque for the 15th wedding anniversary, you can include some of these elements:

  • A quote that's special to you both
  • A line from your wedding vows
  • The year you were married and the current year
  • The date you were married
  • A variety of milestone dates from your relationship, like your first date
  • customized note to your spouse
  • Your names, in the open and close of your message in particular
  • What you love about them and your 15 years of marriage

Give a crystal plaque as an anniversary gift for her, him or them. Your spouse or a couple you know who's celebrating 15 years of marriage is sure to be blown away by the delicate appearance yet timeless strength of a crystal plaque. And because crystal is such a strong, everlasting material, it will be a beautiful testament to the couple's marriage for years and years to come. A crystal plaque is a great place to start with your anniversary gift, and if you want to make the celebration even more special and romantic, give a crystal plaque with one or more of the other gifts in this list.

crystal anniversary plaque for 15 years

2. Red Roses

Flowers are great gifts for your wife for an anniversary, though husbands could also appreciate a beautiful arrangement. Roses already represent romance, making them a perfect choice for a 15th-anniversary gift. Choose red blooms to reflect the passion and romance you and your spouse still have for each other, even after a decade and a half together.

While red roses are already fitting for this anniversary, give an arrangement in a crystal vase for even more tradition. Your gift will then have a touch of practicality as your spouse can reuse the vase for future floral gifts. It's sure to be a useful gift for her, especially if you get her flowers every year and for holidays or other occasions.

If your spouse has never been a big fan of flowers that wilt after a week, choose forever roses for a gift that lasts a year or two until your next anniversary. Again, display them in crystal that will last for every anniversary to come. Alternatively, you can fill a vase of red roses with crystal vase filler for a glint of light that reflects in see-through vases or other displays.

3. Wine or Beer Glasses

Stemware and glassware incorporate the crystal theme in a practical way. Beer glasses are a great anniversary gift for him if he enjoys brews, and wine glasses are perfect anniversary gifts for her, whether she enjoys a glass of white, red or rosé. If you choose this useful gift, consider crystal ones that are:

  • Etched with your initials, the date you got married or a meaningful quote
  • A set of two to cheers with and share drinks with as you celebrate your anniversary
  • A set of wine glasses that includes a decanter for a touch of elegance

Include your spouse's favorite beverage to go with the set of glassware and complete this practical gift. Choosing varieties of this gift in crystal is traditional, romantic and practical as you'll get stemware and glassware that will be perfect to use for special occasions.

crystal kitchenware

4. Kitchenware

Few gifts are more practical than kitchenware, but even a practical gift can be beautiful enough to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Incorporate the classic 15th-anniversary crystal material in your gift or get something you know your spouse will love and use often. Either way, your spouse is sure to appreciate a useful kitchenware gift like:

  • A crystal serving tray
  • Cooking gadgets and appliances
  • A book of recipes to try together
  • New crystal glassware
  • New fine china for special occasions

Use that new kitchenware to create a recipe together for your anniversary dinner instead of going out to celebrate. Put some love into your meal and enjoy time together in the kitchen as your spouse uses the new and useful kitchenware gift you so thoughtfully picked out for them. Your spouse will love bringing out crystal kitchenware when guests visit or on special occasions and reflecting on the thoughtful gift you gave for your 15th wedding anniversary.

5. A Watch

A watch makes the perfect gift for a husband or wife for an anniversary. Whether they're in a professional field, collect watches or could use a timepiece, a watch will make a lovely gift. To get a personalized option, consider choosing a piece with:

  • A watch face made of crystal to fit with traditional 15-year anniversary gifts
  • A feminine watch face surrounded by crystals for a dazzling take on the tradition
  • A band or strap in a material that suits your spouse's style
  • A watch face with many or few embellishments, depending on your spouse's preference
  • An engraving on the back of the watch that wishes your spouse a happy anniversary

Watches aren't for everyone, so be sure that your spouse wears watches or wants to start wearing one before getting this gift.

6. Jewelry

Perhaps your spouse doesn't wear a watch, but they do enjoy jewelry for everyday wear or special occasions. Ditch the diamonds and save them for another anniversary and remember crystal pieces for this gift. Crystal is more cost-effective than diamonds but just as dazzling, meaning you can get your spouse a variety of crystal jewelry as a 15th anniversary gift. Add to your spouse's jewelry collection with accessories like:

  • Crystal drop earrings
  • A trendy ring with crystals instead of diamonds
  • A dainty crystal necklace
  • A charm bracelet with crystal photo charms that include photos of your children or each other

If your spouse's tastes are more casual, consider a necklace with a rose quartz crystal point. The stone represents love, creates a simple jewelry style and is a new take on the traditional crystal gift. For other colorful jewelry options that have a bit more elegance, incorporate the traditional alexandrite, garnet or ruby gemstones but balance them with crystal touches for a brilliant piece of jewelry.

7. Photos

With most pictures in a digital format now, getting photos printed is a meaningful gift. Do a bit more than simply printing a stack of photos, and instead:

  • Put pictures together in a photo album if you have a lot to print and want something to flip through together.
  • Take the extra time to create a scrapbook, including highlights from your wedding, other anniversaries, holidays, birthdays and more.
  • Print a few meaningful pictures and display them in a framed collage.
  • Get creative with DIY photo displays or crafts.
  • Order a customized photo book or other product that incorporates pictures of the two of you.
  • Include photos of your children to celebrate your love and the life you've lived together.

Choose a scrapbook, photo album, picture frame or another display method that incorporates crystal or a ruby red color in some way to fit in with traditional 15-year anniversary gifts. Frame photos in a crystal frame or a frame with small clusters of crystals to tie in tradition and remember what occasion such a lovely gift was for. A framed photo will look stunning on the shelf next to a crystal plaque, so combine the two for a thoughtful gift.

camera with a crystal camera lense

8. A Camera

Help your spouse take more photos in the future with a new camera. The lenses are often made with crystal, making them appropriate for the 15th wedding anniversary and incredibly useful. Pair the gift with more themed items like a crystal-embellished camera strap or bag. Whether your spouse loves photographing nature, travel destinations, family and friends or other subjects, a new camera is a wonderful practical gift.

9. Home or Office Decor

Decor is functional yet a lovely gift to give, no matter your spouse's tastes. Whether you know they've wanted something for their home or office or see a gift that reminds you of them, you could get:

  • Crystal candle holders and your spouse's favorite candle scent for romantic lighting
  • A crystal paperweight and business card holder to add elegance to your spouse's professional space
  • Crystal figurines of your spouse's favorite animal or romantic figurines
  • A crystal bowl that can hold any variety of decorative or useful items
  • A love note from your past displayed in a crystal frame

Make sure the decor you choose fits your partner's tastes and the style of your home or their office. Picking a gift that matches your spouse's style shows you put thought into the gift to find something they'd enjoy. Again, remember that a crystal plaque would pair well with these decorative items and makes the perfect addition to any office or room in your home where you put special decor on display. Crystal is a versatile material that can create anything from refined, elegant decor to modern touches, making it ideal for any spouse's style.

10. Gifts for a Study

If you have a home office or other space that your partner uses for collections of books and reading, there are plenty of lovely gifts for bookworms. Celebrate your and your spouse's love with a gift that acknowledges their love of reading with:

  • A set of crystal bookends
  • Their favorite book with custom binding
  • A whole set of books to fill their bookshelves
  • A personal embosser to add a custom touch to books, stationery and more

These gifts are excellent refined options for spouses who appreciate culture and the finer things in life. Leave space on their bookshelf for a crystal plaque that will stand out on display and remind your spouse of your love as they're spending time in their study.

11. Travel-Themed Gifts

You and your spouse love to see the world, or you're eager to take a big trip together. No matter your experience, you love the idea of seeing everything the country or the world has to offer. Celebrate your anniversary and acknowledge your spouse's interest in exploring with 15-year anniversary gifts like:

  • Stylish luggage
  • Engraved decorative compasses
  • A trip to somewhere special
  • A map to display and mark off places you've visited together
  • Photos from places you've traveled to
  • A display of monuments you visited, especially in crystal figurines to fit the anniversary

If you do book a trip as an anniversary gift, get something small associated with the destination to give your partner first, remembering the traditional crystal material as you search for the right themed gift. You can then surprise them with the news that you're visiting the destination in-person and watch their face light up with excitement.

For those who enjoy traveling outdoors with activities like hiking and camping, go for more rugged, practical gifts. A water filter, tent or camping cooking gear are all great gifts for your husband for an anniversary or any spouse who loves the outdoors.

12. A Night In

There's nothing more meaningful than spending time together to celebrate your anniversary. If you don't have time to plan a trip or aren't big on traveling, staying in for the day is a great way to spend your 15th anniversary. Make memories for your anniversary and:

  • Cook your spouse's favorite meal.
  • Watch a romantic movie together.
  • Watch home videos of your wedding and other special moments.
  • Look through photos from your past together and reminisce.

Combine one of the crystal gifts in the list above with a night in and you'll have an anniversary that's full of memories and a lovely gift to mark the occasion.

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