policeman prayer

To protect and serve, to walk a beat with honor, to strengthen a community; all these duties are humbly and graciously taken on by police officers and sheriff’s deputies every day. The profession of police officer demands a rare combination of bravery and compassion. Police officers are true public servants in every sense of the phrase. It’s a job worthy of great honor.

Several prayers have been penned to commemorate the unique challenges of walking the beat. Most commonly titled ‘A Policeman’s Prayer,’ there are several versions to choose from; read them all here. While there may be more than one policeman’s prayer, there’s a common theme, a familiar refrain they all share. Each prayer asks God for strength to carry out a job that is vitally important and uniquely challenging.

Consider using these beautiful lines of prayer as part of a commemorative gift for the law enforcement officer in your life. Deep etch engraving the full prayer on a gorgeous crystal plaque, our Policeman’s Prayer Plaques make a bold statement. It’s hard to go wrong with so many well-crafted pieces to choose from and so many inspiring prayer messages to inscribe.


police-officer-prayer-plaquePolice Officer's Prayer PlaqueA personalized rendition of the Police Officer's Prayer.

Police officers are the everyday heroes across America. They live in our community and serve the public. They risk their lives to keep us safe each and every day. Let us pray for the safety of police officers and express our personal appreciation with this Police Prayer Plaque.

We engraved the main police prayer inside a shield design symbolizing “Protect and Serve.” You may add your own touch with personal poetry or prose.[Click here to read more]

st-michaels-prayer-plaqueSt Michael's Prayer PlaqueSt. Michael, the warrior angel, the Patron Saint of firefighters, police officers and soldiers, and is an important aspect of faith for many Christians in law enforcement.

This standing crystal plaque features the “Prayer to St. Michael.” The prayer begins, “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil…” The drawing of St. Michael is highlighted in Gold with extraordinary details.It is a great appreciation gift honoring police officers who are the everyday heroes across America, who protect and serve our community and our country.[Click here to read more]

sheriff-prayer-gift-plaqueSheriff's Prayer Plaque

Shield was the perfect symbol to use for the Sheriff’s Prayer Plaque. It fits the law enforcement officer being honored for a million reasons. If you’re in the market for a Law Enforcement Prayer Plaque, for a U.S. Marshal, Deputy Sheriff, or anyone in the Police Force, consider this stunning crystal remembrance, deep etch engraved with words of prayer.

“Please give me understanding with both the young and old,” shows a softer side to the mighty law enforcement officials we’ve all come to rely on. The lyricism of the prayer is really something special, and design elements like the background stars and stripes give this piece depth. [Click here to read more]

police-prayer-cross-plaque Police Prayer Cross Plaque

There are so many different words of prayer, carefully composed, that have been drafted in honor of law enforcement officers. Often, those words are captured on a piece of memorabilia, for example a police K-9 prayer plaque or St. Michael Prayer Plaque for Police Officer. This piece, the Police Prayer Cross Plaque, is a high-quality gesture of recognition. The engraved prayer has the sensitivity worthy of a true public servant.

Consider this sample inscription: “Dear Lord, be with me on my beat this day and every day. Grant that each weary block I walk, may ease a brother’s way.” The kindness of that plea makes it a truly wonderful piece for engraving.[Click here to read more]