Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastors and members of the clergy dedicate their lives to service. Like so many people in helping careers, they give tirelessly from morning until night. In fact, the life of a pastor often involves a 24/7 commitment to the congregation.

Every October, a day is set aside as an official Clergy Appreciation Day, and the month is considered Clergy Appreciation Month. Not only does the date offer you a chance to recognize your pastor, but it also gives you an opportunity to give your pastor something special. Of course, you can and should acknowledge your pastor at other times during the year, such as your pastor's birthday, religious holidays or milestone anniversaries. 

The goal of any gift for pastor recognition day is to let your pastor and his or her family, if applicable, know that you care. Often, clergy members can wonder if they are reaching their congregants. By offering a special, heartfelt gift, you can assure your pastor of your true thanks.

Below are a few gift ideas for any pastor who has continually gone above and beyond to be the best of the best.

Personalize a Pastor Appreciation Plaque

Presenting your pastor with a tangible gift can be a great way to ensure that the moment is never forgotten. For instance, your entire congregation may want to get together and buy a crystal plaque. Be sure to customize the plaque to add a sense of uniqueness.

What should you engrave on your pastor's special appreciation plaque? Some ideas could be a religious-themed symbol or a special Biblical passage that will appeal to the pastor. You can also add inspirational quotes, a poem written by a well-known author or even song lyrics. The choice is up to you and the rest of the congregation.

A huge advantage to giving your pastor a beautiful crystal plaque made of the highest quality materials is that your pastor can keep it forever. Top-notch crystal pastor appreciation plaques are ideal for decorating an office desk, table or bookshelf. Over time, they remind everyone of the memory of the pastor recognition ceremony or event that coincided with the gift.

One last note: Appreciation plaques for members of the clergy can come in a variety of materials. However, optical crystal provides the most long-lasting material for your pastor appreciation plaque. Not only is it as clear and fine as a delicate camera lens, but it is incredibly sturdy and captures the light brilliantly.

Arrange a Festive Party

Want to really surprise your pastor during Clergy Appreciation Month? Set up a party hosted by someone in your congregation. The celebration can be a complete surprise, or you can let your pastor in on the secret early. 

Your party should include food and fun to accommodate everyone. Hold it at your house of worship, or another location such as a generously sized house of a congregant or community hall. Be sure to take the time to decorate the venue with colors and items that you feel your pastor will love.

Most pastors attend parties for everyone else rather than for them. By honoring your pastor with a special occasion totally devoted to what you love about them, you give them a one-of-a-kind experience to remember.

To be sure, you can hold your party any time of year. While Pastor Appreciation Day is a built-in excuse to celebrate any member of the clergy, other days on the calendar may be more appropriate or convenient.

Gift a Religious Object

Looking for another gift idea for your pastor? You may want to consider seeking out a special religious object to present to them.

A religious object can be anything from a religious antique you found in a local vintage shop to a newly released religious bestselling book. The point of giving your religious object is to provide your pastor with something that relates to their life's work and passion.

If you have trouble finding religious objects locally, feel free to look around online. You never know what types of religious gifts you might come across. In fact, you could discover some amazing treasures while looking for a perfect Pastor Appreciation Day item!

Offer Your Pastor Gift Cards

Pastors and their families often live on modest salaries that are determined by a number of factors. This means they may not have plenty of disposable income to go the movies, head out to a restaurant or grab a bite to eat at the nearby coffee shop.

If you want to give your pastor a gift along with other presents like a crystal thank-you plaque, you can never go wrong with gift cards. Gift cards come in any denomination, and most places offer gift cards either online, in retail stores or in their own stores.

Feel as if your gift cards would seem kind of impersonal? Give them alongside something that is customized, such as your optic crystal plaque. That way, you can be sure that your pastor knows that you thoughtfully amassed a series of great gift cards completely geared toward the pastor's needs and preferences.

What types of gift cards work well? Gift cards to city eateries, national bookstores and even travel websites can be excellent choices.

Have Kids in Your Congregation Make Gifts

Does your congregation consist of plenty of children? If so, you might want to ask them to contribute to your clergy appreciation gift in a sweet way.

Very young children can easily create wonderful artwork, such as colorful drawings. Ask parents in your congregation to have their children use crayons, pens and pencils to make drawings showing how important their pastor is to them. After collecting all the drawings, bind them together by hand or take them to your local print shop to have them professionally bound. A book of children's artwork can be just what your pastor deserves.

Encourage older kids to contribute, too. Elementary, middle school and teenage congregants can create their own poems and short stories. Again, these can be curated by someone in your congregation, edited if necessary and turned into a special book. Never underestimate the power of words and stories to make your pastor feel incredibly special.

Remember Your Pastor This Year

Like being a parent, being a pastor is a rewarding job. Still, pastors may not hear "Thank you" all the time. This year, take the effort to do something for your pastor that will show off just how meaningful your relationship is. If you need help finding a crystal plaque, be sure to contact DIY Awards.