Graduation gift ideas for class of 2017

Graduation Gift Ideas for Class of 2017

With graduation season fast approaching, it’s remarkable to think that soon, graduates will be striding across the stage in their gown and mortarboard, smiling proudly for the camera and receiving that sought after diploma. Commencement is such an astounding occasion. It symbolizes the culmination of years of academic achievement and diligence. It’s one of the few milestones that must be completely earned and can’t just be given.

The All Important Ceremony

For parents, loved ones and friends of the graduate, the commencement ceremony is incredibly significant. The speeches, music and moment of graduation mean so much to the people who supported that student along the way. It’s an ideal occasion for picture-taking and-- immediately following-- the perfect time to give the graduation gift. What better place to bestow a token of appreciation than the very ceremony that honors the achievement of graduation?

Gifts that will Last

There are so many options when it comes to graduation gifts. Money, savings bonds and gift cards are tried and true options that have always been popular. Big spenders might invest in a car or piece of athletic equipment. All those gifts are useful and worth quite a lot, but they’re missing a key ingredient: sentiment.

When sorting through graduation gift ideas, consider investing in something that will stand the test of time. Money will be spent, vehicles break down, but something sentimental and lasting creates a legacy. Engraving a personal well-wish on something like a plaque or ceramic keepsake is a beautiful gesture. And it’s one you can make without breaking the bank. A crystal remembrance, makes the practice of gift-giving a true art.

The Gift of Pure Optical Crystal

A shimmering token of appreciation, cut from gorgeous, reflective crystal is sure to wow any graduate. Whether they are walking across the stage to finish high school, proudly saluting the completion of law enforcement training, or finishing up an undergraduate degree, a crystal plaque is a wonderful gift.

Consider the sleek and stylish choices found here for the special graduate in your life. Deep etch engraving is included at no additional cost and design options are plentiful. You truly can’t go wrong with the gift of crystal, the remembrance that will last forever.