Celebrating Pastor Ordination: A Joyous Milestone in Ministry

Most people can draw to mind a few reasons to have a call for celebration. A graduation, a wedding, or the birth of a child are all reasons why people might provide gifts to the person celebrating that specific milestone. That said, not everyone thinks of the process of pastor ordination for the enduring milestone moment that it truly is. However, that attitude should be shifted immediately. The reality is that pastor ordination is just as relevant and important as any other milestone life event.

The Significance of Pastor Ordination

The cut-and-dry definition of ordination is provided by the Britannica:

Ordination, in Christian churches, a rite for the dedication and commissioning of ministers. The essential ceremony consists of the laying of hands of the ordaining minister upon the head of the one being ordained, with prayer for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of grace required for the carrying out of the ministry. The service also usually includes a public examination of the candidate and a sermon or charge concerning the responsibilities of the ministry.

Various congregations have their own specific twist on how they perform the process of ordination. Many churches and religious congregations of all kinds recognize the moment that someone is called to become a minister as a very special moment in a person's life. The crossing over from being a layperson to becoming a minister is something that marks a significant change in a person's life, and that is why it is so important to be excited about this moment and recognize the significance of that moment in someone's life.

The Processes and Requirements of Pastor Ordination

Each denomination of Christianity has its own specific set of requirements for an individual to become a minister. For example, someone seeking to become a pastor in the Baptist faith must meet a significant number of requirements. Among those requirements include:

  • Providing a letter of recommendation from the local church Board of Deacons or other appropriate board.
  • They must provide a copy of his/her college, seminary, lay pastor program diploma or equivalent, and/or transcript.
  • They also need a copy of The Covenant and Code of Ethics for Professional Church Leaders of American Baptist Churches of The Ministers Council of ABC/USA

These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what must be accomplished to become a minister in the Baptist faith. There is a reason why people say that they are "called" to become a minister. It is not something that one can simply wake up one morning and decide to do. The reality is that becoming a minister and practicing faith involves a significant number of obstacles that one must work to accomplish.

The Challenges and Rewards of Ordination

There are both rewards and challenges to the process of becoming an ordained minister. As with any other type of job, some will take to it and find it to be a rewarding thing to do for a living, and others won't be a good fit for it. Unlike other jobs, many discover that they are specifically called to do this kind of work. If you don't have the calling for it, then you are probably not going to find yourself able to enjoy the work at all. Therefore, you should think carefully about the pull that you do or do not feel toward this type of career.

Everyone deserves to have the spiritual moment of feeling themselves called to becoming an ordained minister if that is what they are supposed to do with their life. The rewards include:

  • A deeper feeling of faith and connection to God
  • The ability to directly serve the community and lead others on their spiritual journey
  • The chance to use your natural talents (such as public speaking) to accomplish your work.

These are all great and beautiful things, and they are just the beginning of what you get when you become an ordained minister. However, there are challenges in this line of work as well. Some ministers are challenged by:

  • Busy schedules
  • Emotionally taxing work
  • Imposter syndrome (the feeling of not deserving to do the work that you do)

These are all things that must be contended with when one takes on the challenge of becoming an ordained minister.

Ways to Celebrate Pastor Ordination

You want to celebrate the ordination of someone you care about and even to mark the anniversary of their ordination. There are different ways that you can do so.

Prepare with Family and Friends

Create a plan with family and friends by letting them know that you want to celebrate the ordination of a minister that you all know. See who can jump in and assist you with the planning and setup of this celebration.

Collect Money from All Participants

Anyone who wants to participate in the celebration of the ordination of a minister should be willing to contribute some money toward that celebration. Therefore, you ought to collect funds from those who have expressed that they are going to take part in this.

Create a Guestlist and Rent Out a Celebration Hall

Have a comprehensive list of those who will be attending and rent a hall where you can put the celebration together. You should also work on getting food and gifts together for this celebration as well.

Present the Food and Gifts to the Ordained Minister

Bring the minster to the hall and surprise them with the food and gifts that you have collected for them. This is the big moment when it all comes together.

Gift Ideas for an Ordained Minister

You can hit the nail on the head with a custom ordination gift for the special person in your life. In general, you will want to keep the gifts that you provide them to be on theme. This may include some of the following:

  • Engraved Crystal Plaque
  • Custom Bible
  • Christ-themed gifts
  • Engraved Chalice
  • Stress relief toys

These are all of the things that can potentially be perfect gifts for someone who has just become an ordained minister. Make sure you mark this big moment in their lives with all of the flourish that it deserves.